The president of the Canary Islands assures that Marlaska “is seriously wrong” with Arguineguín



The President of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres, has stated that the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has been “seriously” wrong by stating that immigrants arriving in Arguineguín “They are never more than 72 hours” at the emergency camp on the pier. This has been assured in Parliament in response to a question about the migration crisis from the president of the PP of the Canary Islands, Australia Navarro, who has accused Grande Marlaska to lie when stating that the arrival has been reduced by 50 percent of immigrants to the coasts of the Canary Islands and that they do not stay more than 72 hours in the Gran Canaria dock.

Those statements by Marlaska in an interview on Antena 3 were answered yesterday by parties such as Coalioción Canaria and several NGOs, because both ‘Human Rights Watch’ and the control judge of the CIE of Gran Canaria have made public testimonies of immigrants who passed through the Arguineguín pier for up to 24 days, sleeping on the ground. Torres has indicated that he has demanded solutions from both the central government and the European Union and has defended the management of the Canarian Executive in its competence obligation, which concerns unaccompanied minors, whose amount is currently in the highest figures in the history of the community.

The President of the Canary Islands considers that the criticism of the PP on the management of his Government “is not fair” and has remarked that has demanded that the EU be in solidarity and that repatriations be carried out and derivations in a regulated way. “And we say it by active and passive,” he remarked. “Politics has to be the art of solving problems”Torres said when he asked the PP to ask the municipalities where it governs, as the Moya (Gran Canaria) has done, to provide reception centers for unaccompanied minors. He has also demanded that the Popular Party convince countries such as Hungary, Poland and Slovakia to change their position on the referrals of immigrants to European countries, a position that, according to what he has said, Spain defends.

“Sánchez uses the Canary Islands as a retaining wall”

The president of the PP in the Canary Islands has stated that the port of Arguineguín, in which more than 2,000 immigrants are found, is the dock of “shame” and of «Shamelessness» of the Government of Spain. For Australia Navarro, President Sánchez is indifferent to this problem and has considered that the “neglect and complicity” of the Canarian Government is “a scandal.”

Navarro has opined that Pedro Sánchez has decided that immigrants “do not go beyond the Canary Islands” and that the archipelago is “a retaining wall” of irregular immigration when, he added, UNHCR itself has made it clear that Spain has the means to solve this matter. “There is no solution or date to close the Arguineguín dock, there are no humanitarian corridors, no referrals, or repatriations,” said the opposition parliamentarian, who also referred to the conditions in which the forces and corps of State security and NGOs.

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