The Prosecutor’s Office asks for five years to life in prison for the accused in the “Charlie Hebdo” trial




The French National Antiterrorist Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday demanded penalties ranging from five years in prison to life imprisonment for the alleged accomplices of the attacks from January 7 to 9, 2015 against the satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo”, a Jewish supermarket in Paris and a police officer.

In those attacks 17 people were killed. The process against his collaborators, since the three material perpetrators were then killed by the police, began on September 2 and is scheduled to deliver its verdict on December 16.

Life imprisonment was requested for both the main defendant, But Riza Polat, as for one of the three in search and capture order, Mohammed Belhoucine.

Polat, a 35-year-old French-Turkish, is the only one whom the French judicial authorities they reproach him for complicity both in the attack by the brothers Chérif and Said Kouachi against “Charlie Hebdo” and in the two by Amédy Coulibaly, who was considered his right hand.

A man from “volcanic personality” and that he has taken advantage of that temperamental nature to avoid answering the most embarrassing questions during his interrogations, as the prosecutor, Jean-Michel Bourlès, pointed out at the hearing on Tuesday.

«He has been impulsive, intolerant of contradiction, overwhelmed, without filters. Has not doubted in cutting the word, in insulting the other detainees or threatening a witness, “said the prosecutor about Polat, for whom there is no doubt that the accused collaborated and had” a precise and clear knowledge of what was going to happen. “

Proof of this, according to Bourlès, is that his first reflex, on January 9, 2015, was to go to Belgium «with the intention of fleeing»As he feared being arrested. Lebanon, Syria and even Thailand were other countries in an escape plan that was truncated with his arrest in March of that year.

Polat is one of the eleven people who have sat on the bench of the Special Criminal Court established for this process since September, ten of them already in provisional detention and another released under judicial control.

The other three defendants are under search and capture order since March 2018, including Belhoucine and Hayat Boumeddiene, Coulibaly’s ex-partner and untraceable since he fled to Syria days before the attacks.

The Prosecutor’s Office requested 30 years in jail for the latter, ten more than the penalty he faced for participating in a criminal association of criminals for terrorist purposes and financing of terrorism.

She was the only one to whom the sentence claimed exceeded expected, because in most cases, including those of perpetuity, the request of the Prosecutor’s Office lowered or maintained the maximum years of incarceration contemplated for this type of crimes.

The Prosecutor’s Office said that in its petition it had taken into account the disturbance to public order generated in those attacks, the fact that the jihadist ideology constitutes a threat “endogenous and exogenous constant», The degree of involvement and responsibility of each one or the existing risk of repetition.

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