The Prosecutor’s Office incorporates the regularization of Don Juan Carlos into the investigation




The experts of the Tax Agency have delivered this Thursday to the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court the regularization of a donation presented 20 hours before by the lawyer of Don Juan Carlos and for which he paid, including interest and surcharges, 678,363 euros to the treasury. The decision made by the prosecutors in this regard will not be, far from it, immediate.

As reported in legal sources to ABC, a process is now being opened in which the prosecutors in charge of the investigation opened for tax crime and money laundering they will collate the amounts declared to the Treasury as well as the tax periods with the figures that work in their proceedings, taking into account that it can directly affect the investigations.

The defense of Don Juan Carlos declared before the tax inspectors of the Community of Madrid that he received around 800,000 euros by the Mexican businessman Allen Sanginés-Krause as a donation and that he did not inform the Tax Agency of this increase in assets in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019. By taking this step and paying off his debt, the King’s father could avoid the tax crime, which is committed from a fraud of 120,000 euros.

Thus, it would also avoid the crime of money laundering by outcrop of these funds through the Colonel of the Air Force Nicolás Murga, who was the one who managed the money and using his credit cards, paid with him various expenses of Don Juan Carlos and other relatives, such as the acquisition of a competition mare or the payment of trips and events. Without the preceding tax offense, the criminal type of laundering would not concur.

It is something that the prosecutors in charge of the matter now have to analyze, a group that coordinates the Chamber Prosecutor, expert in economic crimes, Juan Ignacio Campos, in a work that according to the sources consulted by this newspaper, will be “exhaustive” and will take time. The decision to archive or not the investigations will not be, of course, automatic, according to the same sources.

It should be remembered that the proceedings are followed under secret and it is unknown if the Sanginés-Krause donation is the only one involved in the investigation. There is also another fringe and that is the situation of Nicolás Murga, who was Don Juan Carlos’s field aide for a decade and who in his statement in the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, partially assumed as his own the expenses he paid with the money of the Mexican businessman.

For example, he declared that the Dibelunga competition mare of Victoria Federica, daughter of the Infanta Elena, paid with those funds, he gave it to her, among other attentions. If the alleged tax crime in which he had collaborated was extinguished, his responsibility would also decline, according to the sources consulted. However, it is something that still pending analysis and that it depends on the comparison of that tax form that has already been incorporated into the proceedings.

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