the Provincial Council promotes the consumption of local products due to the coronavirus crisis




The Deputation from Alicante drives a Bell to promote the consumption from products from province in order to help the economic sectors affected by the current crisis Due to the pandemic of the coronavirus.

All the political groups of the provincial Corporation have signed this morning a letter that they will send to all city councils so that they “support and spread” the #ApoyamosNuestraProvincia campaign, with the aim of promoting agri-food, industrial, tourist or intellectual products from Alicante, according to informed the president of the Diputación, the popular Carlos Mazon.

Mazón has presented the campaign together with the spokesmen of the political groups of the provincial corporation, Eduardo Dolón (PP), Toni French (PSPV-PSOE), Javier Gutiérrez (Citizens) and Gerard Fullana (Commitment).

After the launch of the campaign, the five have signed the letter of adhesion together with the two vice-presidents of the institution, Julia Parra Y Ana Serna, and the spokesperson for the Government team, Adrian Ballester.

The president of the Provincial Council has indicated that this is a “usual” campaign, but that they have wanted to reinforce it “for the moment we are in.”

The objective pursued, he said, is “that all administrations and also individuals” provide “support and example” in the promotion of Alicante products, “that they endorse and disseminate them on social networks” with comments, photos or videos accompanied with the tags #ApoyamosNuestra Provincia and #Recolzemlanostraprovincia.

The president of the Diputación and the spokespersons of the political groups, in the presentation of the campaign, this Wednesday
The president of the Diputación and the spokespersons of the political groups, in the presentation of the campaign, this Wednesday – JUAN CARLOS SOLER

This campaign, which in principle will last until January 9, just after the festivities of Christmas, aims to demonstrate that “despite the restrictions and difficulties, we Alicante are capable of giving a boost to our products, of recognized quality” internationally, Mazón said.

The spokespersons have participated in the presentation in front of a sample of a good part of the products of the province. They have promoted the nougat, the bagged grape, the Tirisiti nativity scene o go toys, like typical Christmas elements.

But also artichokes, figs, wine, oil, chocolate, bread, salt, footwear O tomatoes, among others. Mazón recalled that “high-quality technology” is also produced in Alicante and has also called for recommending “the intellectual production” of Alicante artists.

Era post-Covid

Fullana has stated that this campaign should lead to a reflection on what can be done when the health emergency situation ends. In his opinion, the promotion of local articles promotes “sustainability” and empowers “small and medium-sized enterprises”, as well as “the family business”.

In his opinion, “these are policies” that must continue “for our industry to have a more dignified future.”

Likewise, the Compromís spokesman has encouraged the “use of Valencian” in this campaign, as “another way to defend what is ours.”

For his part, Gutiérrez (Cs) has defended that products such as nougat “give work to many people, not only in Xixona” and also “give our province an international name.”

The spokesperson for Citizens has pointed out that this initiative supports “companies that will give their skin so that we have a comfortable and family Christmas”, the Commerce from closeness“and a voice is given to” foreigners who arrive as tourists and end up becoming Alicante. “

Eduardo Dolón (PP) has urged citizens to “consume in our commerce and frequent the bars and restaurants of the province.”

The popular spokesman has stressed that “Alicante’s productive sectors” ask the Provincial Council “to go ahead and put our industry in value.”

Finally, the socialist Toni Francés has declared that this type of campaign “allows to visualize the immense wealth of the province” and has assured that “there is no other in Spain that can present such a diverse product showcase”.

The PSPV-PSOE spokesman has opined that the initiative serves to “visualize everything we have to offer and to become aware of our potential“.

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