The Provincial Council sees “blackmail” the 300% increase in the firefighters agreement with the Ávila City Council




The president of the Provincial Council of Ávila, Carlos García, has rejected the “blackmail“That in his opinion the City Council of the capital intends to impose, after raising a rise of” 300 percent ” in the firefighters agreement, for the service that this city-based body provides in the rest of the province.

Therefore, the third meeting held between both parties this Friday, has concluded without agreement, when García, of the PP, refused to allow “the municipalities of the province to pay the mayor -Jesús Manuel Sánchez Cabrera, of Por Ávila- for his fire service, raising the agreement a 300 percent ».

It is increase is based on “technical criteria”, according to which this service is “under-financed according to its real cost”, which according to the City Council of the capital amounts to 3.1 million euros, of which 1.6 would correspond to the cost of the service provided in the province, reports Efe.

This is the amount that the City Council has raised with the Provincial Council for the new agreement, whose term expires on December 31, compared to the current 400,000 euros that pays the council for this benefit.

This proposal has been described as “blackmail” by Carlos García, who has offered the Consistory «Increase by 50,000 euros per year for four years the provincial contribution to the agreement, up to 600,000 euros -annual- in 2024 ».

Likewise, the provincial institution has offered «The purchase of a truck, by necessity of the Fire Station of the capital, worth 400,000 euros more ». In this sense, García has alluded to the renewal signed a few days ago between the Segovia Provincial Council and the City Council of the Segovian capital “in similar lines” to those offered by the provincial institution of Avila.

The president of the Provincial Council regretted that “None of the terms” of your offer “have been accepted by the mayor”, which in his opinion “has cast in his 1.6 million, according to the technical report provided.” “Perhaps what they want again is that the municipalities of the province pay their obligations, as happened recently with the treatment and recycling rate of the North Zone Consortium,” said Carlos García.

Faced with this disagreement, García has announced that the Diputación will give “greater speed” to its commitment to create a Provincial network of Regional Fire Parks to provide service to the municipalities and thus “not depend on the whims and blackmails of a mayor who once again shows that he is very little interested in the rural environment.”

In addition, he has accused the councilor and former party partner of «Not mind playing with public money, since the City Council may also intend that, for example, to serve the Amblés Valley, the Provincial Council build a fire station a few kilometers from the capital.

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