The PSdeG refused to delay the autonomy debate for five days due to the death of the councilor of Facenda




This was a debate on autonomy that should not have taken place, at least this Wednesday. Not a week ago, the councilor of Facenda, Valeriano Martínez, died while working in his office. The parliamentary session was already called. During the days of official mourning, three as decreed by the Council of the Xunta last week, the PP contacted the opposition and asked the PSOE and BNG to delay the debate for five days. Five. The Nationalists gave their go-ahead, the Socialists refused. Hence, the president of the Xunta did not hide his discomfort at the start of his speech, thanking Ana Pontón for the gesture and willingness and making a thunderous omission with the socialist Gonzalo Caballero.

With a serious face, a dark tie, Núñez Feijóo with a broken voice dedicated his first words to the memory of the councilor of Facenda. In front of him, his empty seat, only occupied by a white hydrangea and two copies of the Statute and the Constitution. The Galician president has expressed a general appreciation “on behalf of the Galician government and officials” for the condolences received “from different ideological spheres”, which shows that Valeriano Martínez «was loved and respected». “Without a doubt all deserved by someone who dedicated his entire professional life to working for Galicia”, he added.

The intention of the Galician government was to delay the debate in order, as Feijóo has recognized in his speech, “to previously rebuild the government and close, within the established legal term, the budgets” of the Community “. “Anyway, what we understood as a priority at the moment, although the scheduled date was finally kept,” he lamented. In spite of everything, «Galicia returns to face the debate of the state of our autonomy when it corresponds and will have the budgets for 2022, which seven days ago were practically ready », when the person in charge of preparing them died.

“This is not a conventional debate”, he continued, “of course for the members of the government, for the deputies of the PP, it cannot be”, and has recognized that “neither in the opposition benches the circumstances are simple” , although it has not delved into the internal processes of BNG and PSOE, which has their respective leaders in a quasi-interim situation. “With everything, we are here, and surely that is the best tribute,” he added,

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