The PSOE blocks the prohibition of the cut of supplies that Iglesias demands




More than one leader of United We Can (UP) was negatively surprised while listening to the press conference of the Council of Ministers on December 1, as ABC learned. The Spokesperson and Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus MonteroHe explained that the Government was going to continue “working” in the “direction” of prohibiting cuts in water, electricity and gas to vulnerable people. A statement that outraged the minority partner of the coalition. Dfor weeks they have put pressure on the Government with this measure and the socialists reject it.

Although no statements have been made since the Second Vice Presidency, the environment of the vice president and leader of UP, Pablo Iglesias, reproaches the “lack of will” in the PSOE to approve the anti-eviction decree —Podemos wanted to approve it in the Council of Ministers yesterday, but a socialist sector stopped it for “legal doubts” -. Also the blockade to avoid supply cuts, as was done from March to September with the decree of the «social shield».

These are the two measures that UP claimed until December 2022 in the amendment presented to the General State Budgets with ERC and Bildu, and that, finally, he withdrew due to the “commitment” to solve the obstacle within the Executive by the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, and the vice president.

But although PSOE and UP agreed to paralyze the launches during the state of alarm (until May), the negotiation to guarantee basic supplies to people in vulnerable situations has become a monologue of Podemos against a wall; that of the Ministry of Ecological Transition of Teresa Ribera.

The Ribera Social Bonus

In September the ban on evictions was extended until January 31, but the ban on supplies was lifted. In Podemos they claim that she was the Secretary of State for Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra, who managed to get Minister Ribera to introduce those affected by Covid into the electricity Social Bonus to replace the prohibition to cut water, electricity or gas.

The PSOE and Ecological Transition assure that the Social Bond is a socialist initiative. They would also be willing to extend it to the rest of the supplies and extend it. But Podemos does not accept it because “it is not enough.”

This refusal of the PSOE has been maintained since September, when the prohibition that was part of the first decree-law with economic measures to alleviate the impact of the coronavirus was lifted. ABC asked Ribera’s ministry yesterday if they were going to study the proposal of their coalition partners. As of press time, they had not responded.

We can stir up the government

“There is no point asking people to stay home and execute evictions at the same time –fuels sources of We can to pressure the PSOE– Nor does it make sense to ask people to wash their hands and that supply cuts are taking place.

On November 4, before presenting the amendment in Congress, Podemos brings a proposal to the Government so that “evictions and supply cuts are effectively prohibited while the state of alarm lasts.” The PSOE does not give in and then to press they present the amendment with ERC and Bildu on the 18th of that same month.

Sánchez and Iglesias maneuver and get a government agreement to extend the ban until May. Although with the supply cuts there is no progress, from the environment of the vice president they will continue to press. They believe that the PSOE will end up giving in.

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