The PSOE charges against Casado and Abascal for not attending the Budget debate when Sánchez has not gone




The third day of the debate on amendments to the Budgets continues this Wednesday in Congress, hosting, among others, the appearance of the First Vice President, Carmen Calvo, to defend the games of your competition.

The session passed in order until the socialist leader took the floor Odón Elorza to make a harsh speech against the conservative bench, in which he has ended up contradicting his own arguments and accusing Vox of agitating the military in reserve against the Government.

Elorza, in a jocular tone, has charged against the presidents of the PP, Pablo Casado, and Vox, Santiago Abascal, for not being present today in plenary session or having attended the previous two days, using these absences to accuse both of a lack of interest in the new accounts.

A reproach that turns against the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, who has not gone to the Lower House today or any of the two previous days. And this despite the fact that it is his own accounts that are being debated in the hemicycle which makes Elorza’s attack more appropriate against his own leader.

The intervention of the socialist leader has continued to seek melee with Vox To whom he has accused the authorship of the “manifesto” sent to the King by a group of soldiers in reserve. A text that warns of the threat posed by the coalition government to the country. Olorza has also accused Vox of being behind a chat of a media outlet in which it is urged to carry out executions and has asked this group if he is among the people against whom it is targeted in that group.

The deputy spokesperson for Vox, Macarena Olona, has asked the President of Congress to speak, Meritxell Batet, to intervene for “serious allusions” against the decorum of his group. He has denied that his group is behind the aforementioned chat: “We have nothing to do with it” he has assured. In addition, he has pointed out that the letter sent to the Monarch is not a “manifesto” but a “demonstration in favor of the national unity of Spain.” Regarding the military in reserve who send it, he has indicated that “of course it is our people” and has finished by accusing Olorza of being immersed in legal proceedings, “in an investigating court in Guipúzcoa.”

This last statement has led Elorza to request Batet a new turn to speak for allusions to qualify as “absolutely false, radically false” who is involved in a judicial action. Elorza has accused Olona of “lying in the Chamber” and of fueling “campaigns of this type on the networks.” “They feed hatred so that certain gentlemen who carry weapons write to the King or launch threats on the networks.”

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