The PSOE considers “nonsense” the demand of the PNV to divide the DOC Rioja that Sánchez has taken to Brussels



The socialist group in the European Parliament Government considers it to be “An absolute nonsense” the petition that the Government of Pedro Sánchez has processed at the request of the PNV to divide the Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin (DOC) and divide the territory that is within the province of Álava.

The European Commission has taken this initiative to the Agriculture Committee of the European Parliament where a majority of MEPs have been in favor of preserving and not dividing the denominations that have been working well for years, as requested in this case by the Basque Government whose intention is to create a new denomination, called ‘Viñedos de Álava’.

Clara Aguilera, the Socialist spokesperson in the European Parliament’s Agriculture committee, has made it clear that her group considers that “this request is an absolute nonsense, that it does not address economic, social, or wine-growing sector reasons”, but rather is, he said, of «A political question of the autonomous government of the Basque Country» and he has reiterated the “resounding opposition of the socialist group in the European Parliament and the Government of Spain to dividing any denomination.”

To Brussels, despite opposition

In the debate with the popular representatives, who have criticized the central government for having processed this request imposed by the PNV, the socialist MEP César Luena has recognized that it is a management demanded by the Basque Government and that the central government has taken it to Brussels despite being against its content. «The only request is the one made by the Basque Government to the European Commission. Application whose ordinary processing is carried out through the Ministry of Agriculture, where they will meet with the Government of La Rioja, supported by the Government of Spain, defending the uniqueness of the Rioja Denomination of Origin». The PSOE is also part of the coalition that supports the Basque Government that is at the origin of this request.

Relations with the European Union must necessarily be made through the central government because the Commission needs its interlocutor to be the representative of the country as a whole. But it is not necessarily mandatory to process all the requests that come from an autonomous government, much less this one that affects another Autonomous Community such as La Rioja, before having reached a consensus that includes all the interests.

In a press release, Luena assures that while the request for division continues to be processed, “it is a priority for all socialists to defend the uniqueness of Rioja and to ensure that the request of the Basque Government is rejected and that the same regulation is maintained as in the actuality, as stated in our legislation ”.

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