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No sooner said than done. The Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, announced yesterday that it would ask PSOE Y We can the withdrawal of the majority reform for the election of the CGPJ and the socialist has presented this Wednesday in Congress the notice of reversal, as ABC has learned.

The petition, very brief, is signed by the socialist spokesperson, Adriana Lastra, and will be reviewed by the Lower House Bureau at your next meeting. The Congress Regulations It requires that all the signatories of an initiative request its withdrawal in order to carry it out. Since United we can, the other signatory group, assure that they have also sent the corresponding notification for the reversal, although separately to the Socialists. If the Table did not receive the notifications of the two groups, the reform would not be withdrawn.

The reversal was agreed within the coalition after multiple pressures from Brussels and the threat of taking Spain before the European courts if it persisted in maintaining a reform that would mean a step back in the separation of powers and judicial independence. Campo tried to defend before Brussels that the text was kept “frozen” in Congress but this argument was not enough for the community executive that continued to ask for its disappearance from the Chamber.

After Campo announced the withdrawal, the president of Grupo Podemos, Jaume Asens, questioned whether this reversal took place without there being an alternative, in what seemed like the first political clash within the coalition after the departure of Pablo Iglesias of the government. However, training sources qualified Asens’s words a few hours later, ascribing them to a “misunderstanding.”

This Wednesday the PP spokesperson, Cuca gamarra, and the first vice president, Carmen Calvo, they have held a parliamentary duel precisely on account of the reversal of this reform. “Stop laughing at the Council of State, stop violating the independence of the judges, stop making fun of the institutions,” the popular spokesperson demanded of the Government’s number two.

Calvo, for his part, has thrown in the face of Gamarra the message that the former PP spokesman in the Senate, Ignacio Cosidó, sent the senators of his group defending the placement of Manuel Marchena as president of the CGPJ and from Supreme court because it would allow Genoa to control both organs “from behind.” «Do you know what happens with the General Council of the Judiciary? that you refuse to renew it, “he added.

Shortly after, from the courtyard of Congress, the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, invalidated this accusation by insisting that the renewal can be carried out “tomorrow” if the head of government, Pedro Sanchez, leaves United we can out of agreement.

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