The PSOE votes against the “withdrawal of distinctions” from Don Juan Carlos at the Consell de Mallorca

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The plenary session held this Thursday at the Consell de Mallorca has rejected a motion presented by Unidas Podemos and MÉS per Mallorca in which it was requested the “withdrawal of distinctions” to Don Juan Carlos. The proposal, which consisted of four points, has not gone ahead since it only counted on the affirmative votes of the two proposing groups. Have voted against the four points the PSOE, the PP, Cs and Vox, while the central nationalist party Proposta per les Illes (PI) has abstained. In the present mandate, a tripartite made up of the PSOE, MÉS and Podemos governs the Consell de Mallorca, under the presidency of the socialist Catalina Cladera.

In the first point of the aforementioned motion, the Consell de Mallorca was asked to withdraw, as soon as technically possible, the bust of Don Juan Carlos located in the reception room. Regarding the second point, the insular institution proposed that the Government be urged to withdraw the Community Gold Medal awarded to Juan Carlos I in 1983. Regarding the third point, the Balearic Parliament was urged to remove the plaque commemorating the visit made by the father of Felipe VI to the Autonomous Chamber years ago. In the fourth and last point of the motion, the Consell de Mallorca urged the public administrations and, especially, the municipalities of Mallorca to withdraw the honors and distinctions that during the last 45 years have been granted to Don Juan Carlos.

A previous uncheck

It should be remembered that last November the Balearic Parliament Board had already voted against a similar proposal, specifically, he had opposed removing the portraits of Don Juan Carlos and of Doña Sofía of the Regional Chamber, as well as the commemorative plaques of his visits to this institution. The aforementioned proposal had also been presented by MÉS per Mallorca and Unidas Podemos, but it did not go ahead because the PSOE, the PP and Cs voted against it. As in the Consell de Mallorca, the Community is governed by a tripartite made up of the PSOE, MÉS per Mallorca and Podemos, under the presidency of the socialist Francina Armengol.

The foreseeable unchecking of the PSOE in relation to the proposal presented by its two partners in the Balearic Parliament Table had already been advanced in some way by the Minister of the Presidency and spokesperson for the Balearic Government, the socialist Pilar Costa, who said at the time that the possible withdrawal of the paintings of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía had not been debated in a Governing Council previously held. Costa also recalled that in the Balearic Islands the current regulations only contemplate the withdrawal of recognitions or honors to a person in the event that, subsequently, there is a firm judicial conviction that affects that person. Such honors would be, for example, the Community Gold Medal or the Ramón Llull Prize.

Two precedents

So far, the Government has only made a decision of these characteristics on two occasions. Thus, in September 2018 the regional Executive approved withdrawing the Community Gold Medal from Iñaki Urdangarin, after being sentenced to five years and ten months in prison for the Nóos case. That recognition had been awarded in May 1998 to the then Dukes of Palma jointly. With the agreement adopted two years ago, article 3.5 of Decree 2/2014, of January 10, which regulates the aforementioned distinction, which establishes that the Gold Medal will be withdrawn from any person who has been condemned by final judgment.

Prior to the approval of the aforementioned regional decree, in July 2013, the Government decided to withdraw the painting of the former president Jaume Matas that he was at the Consulate of the Sea, headquarters of the Balearic Executive, after the first final judicial sentence for Matas, of nine months in prison, was confirmed for one of the separate pieces of the so-called Palma Arena case.

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