The Real Club de Monteros presents its 2019 and 2020 awards



On July 7 the Real Club de Monteros presented its prizes for the 2019 and 2020 editions during a celebration in the gardens of the Real Club Puerta de Hierro, their usual place.

In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, which heralds the already desired return to normality, the five prizes were awarded in an event organized in detail by the RCM, whose president, Carmen Basarán Conde, He opened with a few words of thanks and congratulations to the winners. The exceptionality marked this event, largely due to the circumstances that surround us, since the 2019 editions (Arte y Cultura, Personality Venatoria and Jaime de Foxá awards) were joined – due to the impossibility of having done so last year – and 2020 (Jaime de Foxá); and also because it was the first time that two awards were awarded in the same category, that of Venatoria Personality (2019), which went to María Cabanyes Pineda and Pilar Aragonés Serrano, two ladies of the hunt from this country, who were presented by Alonso Álvarez de Toledo and Javier Barcaiztegui; and by Ramón Estalella and César Fernández de la Peña, respectively.

Great hunters, monteras and travelers, both thanked life for what it had brought them, with sincere speeches bordering on poetry: Marichu, as she is affectionately known, when referring to the luck of having enjoyed “a superb harvest of friends”; and Pilar Aragonés, claiming that their real prize had been their walks through the Soria mountains, their waits through the mountains of Toledo on full moon nights, their walks through Patagonia, their stalking …, having seen a lynx or a lynx up close. wolf walking …

The 2019 Art and Culture Prize was awarded to Editorial La Trébere, for his professional career around hunting art and culture. Presented by Manuel de Juan, it was delivered by Carmen Basarán to its director, Pedro González Arispe, who emphasized that hunting and the field are the culture of years; and his books, work by work, witnesses of this by making the voice of their authors, their experiences and beliefs endure.

And finally, the Jaime de Foxá literary award, in force since 1996 and the most important literary-hunting award in our country, went to the 2019 and 2020 editions, respectively, in Ramón Soria Breña –For his article ‘Pólvora y Agua’ by Trofeo– and Luis de la Peña Fernández-Nespral –for ‘El Perú’, published in the same medium–. Both authors were presented by César Fernández de la Peña and Ramón Pérez Maura, as secretary and president of the jury.

Emotional speeches

While Luis de la Peña ‘threw himself into the ring’ focusing his speech on the memory of his father, who would guide him in his hunting beginnings, in his own career and in conservation, Ramón Soria Breña gave us a plea to vindicate hunting journalism and literature and defended the need to explain the meaning of hunting so that the message reaches a more global audience, which sometimes values ​​the countryside and nature from afar based on clichés and stereotypes in his contempt for hunting things.

He closed his emotional speech with a phrase in Latin – as in Latin the motto of the Real Club de Monteros– and wishing everyone health, strength and freedom to continue going out into the fields: «My impatient heart already yearns to travel; and my legs, exhilarated, regain their strength ».

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