The reason why Christian Gálvez flees from Twitter just before its premiere on television



In just a few years the use of social networks has grown by leaps and bounds. These virtual spaces have managed to gain great power, not only because of their influence, but also because of the large amounts of money they move. Many well-known faces use their Instagram or Twitter accounts to promote brands and thus increase their capital. However, there are still some celebrities who have not joined the fashion of social networks and live their life privately without showing it to the rest of the world as Angelina Jolie, Bradley Cooper, Scarlett Johansson O Mary-Kate Y Ashley Olsen, among many others.

There are also the ‘Guadiana characters’, who for a time left the networks and then returned, as Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Small O Alejandro Sanz. There is also a small number of celebrities who have been overwhelmed by the magnitude of social networks and have made the decision to abandon their official accounts. There are few characters who have left them at some point.

This week it was the turn of Christian Gálvez. The television presenter surprised everyone by ensuring that he left Twitter just before launching his new format, ‘High Tension’, to avoid reading the criticism that the program may have. «The time has come to say goodbye to this place. I have been several days (actually years) in which I try to find the right words to tell you about my decision on Twitter. When I entered here, back in 2010, it promised to be a very interesting place, a hotbed of good vibes, of sharing things in common, of celebrating successes together and supporting each other in failures, those historical events that one learns the most from. All that fell apart very soon, “explained Gálvez.

The host noted that he had “savored the applause” and “suffered the criticism,” but was not going to read his new show. “I will tell you one thing about myself: all of us, in one way or another, have changed during the pandemic. For better or worse, who knows? I personally have changed to become who I want to be, and he’s just a guy from Móstoles who wants to entertain and be happy. I have decided to be happy, enjoy what I do and not always have the cruel Twitter thermometer on my shoulders. On the social network, “I don’t think it reflects reality” and that “it is not a healthy place.”

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