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It’s been eight years since Amador Mohedano and Rosa Benito put an end to a 35-year marriage. During all this time, the one who was the brother and representative of Rocío Jurado and the television collaborator have recounted his life through the dishes and television contests. And it was precisely in this environment where Amador, who is composed and without a girlfriend after breaking up with Jacqueline, has put his ex-wife on the ropes in a attempt to regain his old life.

He first declared his love for her over the phone in the program ‘Ya es noon’, where Rosa Benito collaborates. Then it would be in ‘Save me’ where he claimed to be in love to the bar and having suffered a lot: “I have cried like little children many nights,” he affirmed.

But nevertheless Rosa seems not to be willing to resume their relationship with Amador and affirms «I have cried a lot, I think more than him because I have seen situations with which I have suffered a lot. I have had to grow in all aspects of life and today I am a strong fighter woman. «I was like a dog and he has been with a lady, and he did not remember me, and now that he is alone he does remember me. I don’t believe it », Rosa assured in the program of ‘It’s already noon’ and added« I’m not in love with you, I want you to stop talking about me. You can go on television, do whatever reports you want, but stop talking about me, leave me alone »,« I like the life I have and I don’t want to go back »he sentenced.

At the insistence of Rocío Jurado’s brother, the winner of ‘Survivors 2011’ made the decision to block his messages of the mobile “I had to block it again, and he knows why.” But what is the real reason why Rosa has blocked Amador? Apparently and according to the reporter José Antonio León the reason would have been Amador’s interview in July in the ‘Deluxe’. Rosa asked her ex-husband not to go to the program and to do so not to talk about her or her daughter Chayo, but her request fell on deaf ears. “What were first beautiful messages, then worse messages until Rosa decided to block it,” says León.

35 years married and four children

Amador Mohedano and Rosa Benito in an image from 2011
Amador Mohedano and Rosa Benito in an image from 2011 – Gtres

In 2013, Amador Mohedano and Rosa Benito divorced after 35 years and four children. Involved in the controversy, the television collaborator accused her ex-husband of being the culprit of the economic problems that plagued the family. The hardest episode that the collaborator faced was the ingestion of a box of tranquilizers because she could no longer bear the pressure, after knowing the numerous ‘affairs’ of her husband.

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