The reasons for giving up the use of the private car




Flexibility, comfort and speed of shared transport systems, followed by commitment to the environment are the main reasons why drivers would be willing to give up their private vehicles. This is clear from the report presented by Smart Mobility, the collective of shared and intelligent mobility companies integrated in Adigital.

The report “Trends in the use of shared mobility in Spanish cities” analyzes the state of shared mobility in Spain and reflect on its future challenges.

It should be noted that 65% of the drivers surveyed would give up their private vehicle thanks to the existence of shared mobility alternatives. In addition, the survey reveals that the remaining 35% (who, they say, would not give up their private vehicle) corresponds to those drivers who use their car every day and / or at least once a week; that is, they need their vehicle on a recurring basis for reasons, for example, work.

The report confirms the real alternative that this mobility model represents compared to the private vehicle, since 63% of shared mobility users has reduced the use of your private vehicle thanks to the options to these new options. Despite this, still a third of users of shared mobility services declare having difficulties when it comes to finding this type of vehicle when they need them, data that confirms the need to continue working to guarantee a sufficient supply for the existing demand. such as development opportunities in expanding the number of vehicles available and service areas.

All this is intensified in a context such as the current one, since users declare that they have found in this transport formula an aid to make safer trips during the health crisis caused by Covid-19. This is stated by more than 80% of those surveyed, of which 10% have started to use this form of displacement as a result of the pandemic, and more than 22% now use it more.

Regarding the reasons why users choose this type of transport, 90% of those surveyed declare that the main motivation for the use of shared mobility it is the flexibility, comfort and speed that it represents, and almost 40% do so out of commitment to the environment.

Regarding the types of displacement, in more than 80% of the cases, shared mobility is chosen for the entire round trip, and almost 25% of those surveyed used to combine shared mobility and public transport in the same trip, demonstrating the usefulness and complementarity of both options.

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