The regional and provincial PP see their alternative in the Valencia convention




Both the regional PP and that of Toledo have seen in the party’s national convention the springboard for an alternative in Castilla-La Mancha against socialism. Thus, the president of the regional PP, Paco Núñez, toHe assured that the time has come to choose between “more socialism and more Sánchez” or more “freedom and more Pablo Casado.” This is how ‘The necessary alternative’ was pronounced at the table, within the framework of the PP’s national convention, where he insisted on distinguishing between “socialism and communism” or “freedom, competitiveness, future and progress that the Popular Party project represents.”

Paco Nuñez
Paco Nuñez

Nunez He stressed that the convention’s top priority is to bring Pablo Casado to Moncloa, since “we are the only alternative for the future of the Spanish and we are ready to govern.” “I am proud of the PP and I am proud to represent my country and my community with the principles and values ​​of this party,” he said. The PP is “the great party that is going to change things and return Spain to the economic levels it deserves,” he added.

Furthermore, Núñez regretted that he “has the misfortune” to live a “double socialism”: that of Sánchez in Spain and that of Page in Castilla-La Mancha. ” Sánchez «He steals our freedom, prohibits us, raises our taxes and is capable of selling a part of Spain to continue in the armchair of the Moncloa.

Meanwhile, Page does “follow what he says Sánchez», since the president of Castilla-La Mancha usually wants to “surprise us with national headlines” but the reality is very different, since he does just the opposite of what he says. “They are Los Pimpinela from Spain, they say many things to each other, but in truth they need each other and they go hand in hand all day together,” he concluded.

On the other hand, the provincial president of the PP of Toledo, Carlos Velazquez, participated in the convention at the table ‘The party of the people’, moderated by the PP spokesman in the Senate, Javier Maroto, with other provincial presidents. Velázquez pointed out that the popular people have the challenge of structuring this province and taking advantage of its potential to turn it into a land of opportunities for all.

“We are prepared and ready to govern, we have the people and the ideas to turn opportunities into tangible realities,” he said. Likewise, he insisted that the strength of the PP is in its affiliates, “a party that has been built from the bottom up, from the local to the national, which takes all people into account. These are our strong roots, the ones that differentiate us from the other parties, which are built from top to bottom, which can have a beautiful facade but when a strong wind comes, either to the left or to the right, they collapse ”, he believes.

Finally, he assured that the affiliates «are committed to ensuring that Paco Nunez evict the Socialists from the Government of Castilla-La Mancha and Pablo Casado be soon the president of Spain.

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