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The minister has made a real mess Salvador Illa with that of relatives. And I think he’s still wandering around in his own maze without knowing where the exit is. With how easy it would have been for him to go to the first change to the dictionary – which is what it is for, to be consulted – of the Royal Academy of the Language.

There we will find a first meaning of the adjective that is “close or close in space or time.” That closeness does not seem to be enough to seat him at our table for Christmas, unless it is a cheek that sneaks into our house. The second meaning is more sympathetic to the mess caused by the philosopher minister: “Said of a person: Close to another in kinship, friendship, treatment or trust.”

That one can be invited to any celebration, whether or not it is Christmas. And if we write down a third meaning, which is the one used in Argentina, Puerto Rico, Chile and Uruguay, we will see that it is a person “who lives temporarily in someone else’s house, usually without being a relative of the owner.” In other words, what in Spain would in a few cases be a free ride and, in general, it would be one of those squatters that is government He wants and defends so much and for those who legislate to prevent them from evicting the homes they have taken over.

Having said the above, which is not much either, because almost everything has been said by the RAE, it is worth wondering what the Minister of Equality, Mrs. Iglesias, which after his whining at the ministerial headquarters seems to have run out and his agenda was left blank, devastated by tears. She has not been heard to say anything about her relatives, when she should have been the first to demand from the minister the proper use of inclusive language and demand that if she speaks of relatives she should also refer to her relatives. And more in his case given his condition.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, together with Vice Presidents Carmen Calvo and Pablo Iglesias
The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, together with Vice Presidents Carmen Calvo and Pablo Iglesias – ABC

Good thing the vice president Carmen Calvo I have intervened in the matter to give us a clarifying definition of who the relatives are and are “the people who are in your life”, which has shown that she is also where she is due to her expertise (sic), which is another word of his invention and with which he wanted to recognize the merits of the pandemic government spokesman, Fernando Simon, of which he affirmed “that Minister Mato appointed him. It was the one that appointed him, the Popular Party government, because he is a qualified expert, he has that position because of his expertise.

Those two contributions from Vice President Calvo Poyato would be enough for the RAE to invite her solemnly to sit in the first seat of the Academy that remains vacant. It is well deserved.

Taking the relatives out for a walk was not an occurrence of the Minister of Health, nor a slip of the tongue, nor did he leave it because of an inopportune flatus vocis. Absolutely.

Salvador Illa said it because the Government of Peter and Paul, nurtured as it is by couples that are not marriage, not even de facto or scrap unions, I needed to have the wide sleeve that means giving permission to reunite to others who are not relatives and that is where the relatives came from, so that members of the government of Peter and Paul may travel wherever they are, taking advantage of the encounters that the Christian feast of Christmas fosters.

And without the perfidious press being able to accuse those ministers of not respecting the norms that they themselves promulgate, as they have been seen to do so often, in direct application of the funnel law.

Jose Luis TorróJose Luis Torró

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