The Repsol Guide distinguishes eight new restaurants in Castilla y León with a Sun




Castilla y León has since Monday with eight new restaurants distinguished with a Repsol Guide Sun: ‘Cobo Stratos’ and ‘La Fábrica’, in Burgos; ‘LAV’ and ‘MU · NA’, in León; ‘Terra’, in Palencia; ‘ConSentido’ and ‘En La Parra’, in Salamanca; and ‘Villa Paramesa’, in Valladolid. In this way, la Community adds 51 establishments with this recognition: a dozen with two Suns and the rest with one.

On Burgos, Miguel Cobo has already triumphed with ‘Cobo Vintage’. Its new project ‘Cobo Stratos’ will lead to two aspects, one more traditional and the other more inclined towards the evolution of our diet. In ‘La Fábrica’, Ricardo Temiño’s main reference is his mother. With this mirror and the flavor of his stew stuck in his memory, the chef claims his passion, knowledge and respect for the seasonal produce of Burgos.

On Ponferrada, ‘MU · NA’ renews its menu and menus every month, at the mercy of Samuel Naveira’s concern, whose kitchen is a mandatory stop in El Bierzo. For its part, ‘LAV’ is advertised with the slogan “by and for León”. The commitment of Javier Del Blanco, chef, and Daniel Gigante, head of the room and sommelier, with their land allows the chickpeas from La Bañeza to share space with the carabineros from Huelva or cockles from Carril.

In ‘Terra’, Roberto Terradillos wants to share the benefits of the mountains of Palencia and the regions of Páramos and Valles, Tierra de Campos and El Cerrato with all the people who come to his restaurant to taste the cured meat of Villarramiel or the rice of partridge and cuttlefish .

Salamanca stands out with two new restaurants. Carlos Hernández del Río, convinced that all transcendent avant-garde derives from tradition, seeks contemporaneity through the path of recovery, enhancement and transmission of the Castilian-Leon cookbook in ‘ConSentido’. For her part, in ‘En La Parra’, the cook Rocío Parra has settled in the historical case, where she serves closed menus in which Iberian preparations always take center stage.

On ‘Villa Paramesa’, a landmark in the capital of Valladolid In terms of miniature cuisine, the creative tapas offer is maintained in the bar, while two dining rooms and the terrace allow José Castrodeza to spread out with roasts, soups and legumes.

The Repsol Guide has organized for the third consecutive year, from the hand of the Department of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption of the Basque Government, lto delivery of the Repsol Guide Suns awards. Delivery has been marked by a strict health security protocol to guarantee the normal development of the event and the safety of the attendees: 180 people have participated, 25 percent of the theater’s capacity; PCR tests have been required prior to their travel to the city; and antigen tests have been carried out on all attendees prior to their access to the theater.

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