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The Valencian government study relax coronavirus restrictions in the Valencian Community throughout this week, and it is expected that there will be a change in the measures as of March 15.

Valencian autonomy has improved the main figures of the coronavirus and this weekend recorded the lowest number of daily infections since August (on Sunday, with 162 positives) and the lowest number of deaths from the Covid-19 since December 31 (Saturday, with 14 deaths).

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Also, the cumulative incidence of coronavirus it has dropped to 79.32 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, as well as the positivity rate, which has decreased to 8.17 percent.

Along the same lines,s Valencian hospitalsAccording to the latest figures updated on Saturday, they have 789 people with Covid-19 admitted, of which 221 are in the ICU. In addition, there are six percent of people with coronavirus hospitalized. In intensive care, there are 21.29 percent of beds occupied by people with the virus.

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However, to decide the new limitations, the Generalitat will wait for the decision made in the Interterritorial Health Council, convened this Wednesday, in which the common plan of measures for Holy Week, agreed by the Ministry of Health and the autonomies, will be ratified.

These are the current ones coronavirus restrictions in force until March 14 at 11:59 p.m. and the possible revisions of the Generalitat:


The night curfew is in effect from ten at night until six in the morning. The idea of ​​the Valencian Executive is to keep it.

Perimeter closure

The perimeter confinement of the Valencian Community continues in force. The Generalitat foresees keep it up after the holidays of Holy Week and Easter.

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Social gatherings

Social and family gatherings are for a maximum of four people in public spaces. In private places, such as homes, the restriction to the nucleus of coexistence is maintained.


At this time, the hospitality terraces are allowed to open until six in the afternoon, with a capacity of 75 percent and a maximum of four people per table.

The Generalitat has a meeting this Tuesday with the sector, which is going to request the reopening of the interior areas of the premises. This is one of the main doubts of the Consell, which must be resolved during this week. In addition, it could assess an increase in opening hours.

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Commercial establishments are allowed to open until eight in the afternoon. Essential businesses, such as food, pharmacy, orthopedics or pet food stores are excepted in this rule.


Sports facilities, pavilions, gyms and the like in closed spaces will continue to be closed.

Physical and sports activity is allowed in outdoor sports facilities, without physical contact and individually and in pairs. Outdoor activities are also allowed in directed groups, with a maximum of four people per monitor. In these cases, the use of the mask will not be mandatory.

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