The Revolt of Emptied Spain manifests itself on social networks to demand services in rural areas




The different platforms that make up the Revolt of Empty Spain have starred in one more claim this Saturday. On this occasion, the main space chosen was not the streets, but social networks, which flooded with messages demanding equal services in rural areas, through the hashtags #YoParoPorMiPueblo and # EspañaVaciada. However, in some localities the local coordinators did prefer to go out on the street in a symbolic way, as happened, for example, in Soria capital, in San Bartolomé de Pinares (Ávila) and in Geras de Gordón (León), among others.

Tired of cuts in coverage and internet, of traveling dozens of kilometers to go to your health center reference, being away from highways, leisure and culture, the inhabitants of the municipalities of the so-called Empty Spain today evidence their requests through the mobilization ‘I stop for my people’, a symbolic action with which they seek emphasize the need to make effective the rights that the Constitution guarantees to all citizens regarding access to basic services, regardless of where they reside.

As Ical sources from the organizers confirmed, this action takes the witness of those dedicated to the ‘defense of public health’ and ‘a dignified rural health’ carried out last year on the first Saturday in October. It has been preferred to do it mostly on social networks rather than in person since the pandemic still rules. They also demand a State Pact Against Depopulation to correct the country’s territorial imbalances.

Focused on the 100/30/30 plan

On this occasion, the protagonist of the claim is one of the outstanding proposals of the Development Model, which details the 101 measures that were elaborated among the participating platforms and that they presented in the Congress of Deputies last May to begin to reverse the territorial imbalance and depopulation.

SIt is about the so-called 100/30/30 Plan, which establishes desirable minimums to begin to reduce this inequality. Thus, they demand quality connectivity to the Internet, requiring for this a minimum universal bandwidth of 100 symmetric megabytes, regardless of whether it is urban or rural spaces. On the other hand, they establish that for the inhabitants of the territories of Emptied Spain to have access to basic public services, the distance they must travel to reach them should not exceed 30 minutes: health, educational, social, cultural services, leisure or citizen security. Finally, it is decreed in 30 kilometers the maximum distance to access high-capacity transport routes, both highways and rail services, a measure that would facilitate faster access to services and promote the development of these territories.

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