The Rolling Stones give up and eliminate ‘Brown Sugar’ from their repertoire for its references to slavery



The Rolling Stones, once icons of rebellion, are going to exclude from their repertoire their classic ‘Brown Sugar‘, who have been playing since 1970 without fail in all their’ tours’, because they do not want to be the target of the new and media culture of cancellation, according to members of the group in the presentation of their new tour, the first without Charlie Watts , call ‘No Filter‘ (Unfiltered).

The sentences they sense as problematic are: “A slave ship from the Gold Coast heading to the cotton fields / sold in the market in New Orleans.” And shortly after: “They hear him whip the slaves after midnight,” they sing in reference to how a white man buys a slave to rape her.

Didn’t you realize that this song is about the horrors of slavery? They are trying to bury her. For now, I don’t want to get into trouble with all that shit, but I hope we can resurrect that beauty in all its glory on this tour. Keith Richards, who is perceived to be dissatisfied.

Mick Jagger has commented on the matter: “We have played Brown Sugar in all our concerts since 1970, and sometimes we say ‘we are going to remove this [canción] And see what happen. The tracklist for a stadium tour is complicated. “

‘Brown Sugar’ was composed by the British singer in Australia, a time when his life, he explained, was centered on “drugs and girls». In past interviews, Jagger said that ‘Brown Sugar’ refers to “heroin and having sex.” The original title was ‘Black Pussy’. Thus, in a way, it is the second time they have censored themselves.

Set in New Orleans, in this ‘Brown Sugar’ “there is a guy who whips the slaves and a woman who is the victim of continuous rape,” as we have analyzed, and as already pointed out Miguel Angel Bargueño in its “Girls are rockers», A 2019 essay in which he analyzes the role of women in the world of rock music, clearly dominated by men. In this book, the author detailed some interesting words from Jagger regarding these lyrics: “God knows what I’m talking about in that song. It’s a hodgepodge. All the nasty songs at once (…) I would never write that song now. I would probably censor myself. I would think, “Oh God, I can’t. I have to stop. I can’t write something so crude.”

The most misogynistic group in rock history

The history of rock is full of verses full of violence against women and no less gruesome stories. Synonymous with debauchery, savagery and immorality, the genre has a trail of sexist themes whose historical review is not spared even by the Beatles ni los Rolling Stones.

«The popular music of the fifties, sixties, seventies and even the eighties drank from a predominantly macho attitude. Elvis Presley or Chuk Berry are also authors of songs in which the woman does not come out very well, “he described Julio Ródenas, director of the program “Turbo 3” on Radio 3. But there is always someone who stands out and here the Rolling Stones take the cake. In the book “The Sex Revolts” (1995), Joy Press and Simon Reynolds they concluded that it was the most misogynistic group in rock history.

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