The rude message found where the Utah desert monolith was



The story of the mysterious Utah monolith remains open. And although some key points are being clarified, a series of strange events around this intriguing discovery are also being added. One of those details is the rude message found after the enigmatic collection of the metal prism: «Bye, bitch“(” Goodbye, bitch “).

So far, what we know is that on November 18 in the Utah desert an area patrol flew over the area counting the heads of bighorn sheep and, without looking for it, they found this monolith of unknown origin and that It resembled the one in the movie “2001, A Space Odyssey”. It is not known who put it there and who built it, although it is known that it has disappeared because unidentified men have collected it. And that the authorities know nothing of the origin or of his disappearance. Among the most investigated possibilities is that it could be the work of the sculptor John McCracken, who died in 2011 and is fond of science fiction, but his gallery is not at all clear.

In addition, another monolith has appeared in Romania, although it is believed to be a replica of the slipstream of the one in Utah … because it has also been discovered that the latter, in fact, would have been waiting for us to see it since 2015, according to the investigation carried out by Reddit users and other internet detectives from Google Maps tracking once the coordinates were specified.

Witnesses to the disappearance of the monolith

There is more intrahistory. Although the Utah Department of Public Safety initially declined to reveal the location of the structure, several explorers found it for themselves by locating it just east of Canyonlands National Park. When the adventurers Riccardo Marino and Sierra Van Meter They went to the place Friday night to take some photos, it was no longer there.

«All that was left in its place was a message written on the ground that said “bye bitch” with a fresh pee stain right next to“Marino posted on Instagram, as reported by” The Guardian. “” Someone had just stolen the statue and we were the first to reach the place, “he said.

On the gleaming piece, up to 3.5 meters high raised from the reddish soil of southern Utah, also note that employees of the state Department of Public Safety, who were able to examine it before they took it away, could not find any. clear indication of who placed it there.

As you know news of the discovery quickly went viral on the internet, and many adventurers tried to reach the place, just as the two men mentioned before did. Another of those who did it was Ross Bernards, an Instagrammer, who even witnessed the removal of the statue by four men, as he tries to accredit in his networks.

«If you are interested in what exactly happened to the monolith, keep reading because i was literally there“Begins Bernards, who continues:” I had just finished taking some photos of the monolith under the moonlight and was taking a break, thinking about the settings I needed to change for my last series of drone flights, when we heard some voices. We were contemplating picking up our things as they walked, so that they could enjoy it for themselves as we did. At this point I looked at my watch and it was 8:40 pm».

“Four boys turned the corner and two of them walked forward. They gave the monolith a couple of shoves and one of them said: ‘You better have your photos’Bernards wrote on Instagram. “Then he gave her a big push and left.” The men went to work to dismantle the monolith, before pushing it into a wheelbarrow, saying: «That’s why you don’t leave trash in the desert“And leave with a” Leave no trace. ” According to Bernards, the decommissioning ended at 8:48 p.m.

Bernards, as we say, included photos and even a low-quality one of these men. And adds: “If you ask why we didn’t stop them right they were right to get it out“Explains the instagrammer, who justifies his position in what he saw the next day:” At least 70 different cars (and a plane) entering and leaving. Cars parked everywhere in the delicate desert landscape. And ditch: “Literally, we could see people trying to approach it from all directions to try to reach it, permanently altering the intact landscape. Mother Nature is an artist, it is best to let her art be free.

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