The rules that pedestrians must follow if they do not want to receive a ticket




The reform of the traffic law, which currently follows its parliamentary process and has to be approved in the Senate, includes news as the new distance to overtake cyclists, or the new speed limits on certain roads, in addition to other developments that affect users of personal mobility vehicles such as electric scooters.

But as pedestrians there are also certain rules set out in the traffic and municipal regulations that we must comply for two reasons. One, and the most important, is that by not respecting these rules we could be putting ourselves in danger as well as other road users. The second reason is that, as happens with drivers of cars and bicycles, they can give us a sanction for not respecting traffic rules.

First of all, the
Directorate General of Traffic DGT
explains that we have to know that a pedestrian is considered to be any person who, without being a driver, walk on public roads. Pedestrians are also considered to be those who push any other small non-motorized vehicle or people with reduced mobility who circulate with or without a motorized wheelchair.

Pedestrians should always circulate in the center of the sidewalks, not too close to the edge of the road, to avoid being run over by a vehicle, not very close to the houses, in case there were garage entrances or exits. Nor will they walk on the curb or ever enter the road, except to cross it.

If the street you walk on there was no sidewalk or there was any obstacle and it is absolutely essential to go through that section, you will circulate as close as possible to the wall and, if possible, facing traffic, in this way you will be able to see the approaching vehicles from the front.

A pedestrian has less than a 20% chance of dying if he is hit by a car traveling at less than 50 km / hour, but almost a 60% chance if he is hit at 80 km / hour.

Young children should always go hand in hand with adults, ensuring that they play or drive tricycles or bicycles in places closed to traffic and never on the road. Adults must have special care when children play ball since it can go to the road and the natural tendency of children to run after it, makes this situation very dangerous. They should be urged not to go for it and to wait for a traffic officer or older person to pick it up.

Loose animals should not be carried, can escape and produce dangerous situations for other users of the public road.

Pedestrians should circulate through the places reserved for them and not through the prohibited ones; for example, they will circulate in pedestrian areas and will not do so on highways and expressways.

Fines of up to 1,000 euros

Regarding fines, they can go up to 1000 euros according to the seriousness of the offense committed. Pedestrians are required to undergo alcohol and drug tests when they are involved in accidents or have committed any infraction, and that is the fine they can be imposed if they refuse to take the test.

Depending on the regulations of each municipality, 200 euros is the amount of the possible fine for crossing the road when the pedestrian traffic light is red. This will also be the fine for the occupants of a vehicle, since they are obliged to wear a reflective vest when they leave it and occupy the road or shoulder on interurban roads, and they can receive a fine if they do not wear it.

The fine will be 80 euros in the following cases: For crossing the road outside the existing pedestrian crossing, without having ensured that it can be done without undue risk or hindrance. For not circulate on the left outside the town or in a section of town included in a highway that does not have a space reserved for pedestrians. For not obeying the entry prohibited sign for pedestrians (for example, walking on sections of the highway or highway). And for traveling in a group without queuing on the road or the shoulder, in meteorological or environmental conditions that reduce visibility without wearing regulatory or reflective lights.

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