The secret to making ceviche perfect for you

Peruvian gastronomy is one of the most appreciated in the world. With more than 200 restaurants spread throughout Spain, the genuine flavors of the South American country also perceive this affection and have become a claim for Spanish diners, especially the ceviche, which is not a single dish, but there are numerous variants. Do you know ceviche? This “standard-bearer” dish from Peru is also well known in the rest of the South American countries, although none are similar to any other, both in terms of the food used and the type of cooking.

«Although it was born in Peru, you cannot find the same ceviche in Lima as, for example, in the north of this country. Some make it with a type of fish, others use mushrooms, it can also be made with chicken, seafood … The same citrus fruits are not used either and there is even hot ceviche “, says Miguel Ángel Valdiviezo, chef at the Tampu restaurant in Madrid .

The chef’s technique

To begin with, and taking into account that ceviche is known worldwide as a fish dish, the chef says that the first thing to be clear about is what kind of fish are we going to use, given that there are fish from the sea and others from the river: “In my opinion, they are all valid, but everything will depend on the texture you want to look for and the purchasing power you have, since they do not have the same cost.” According to the expert, in Spain the Nile perch, grouper and corvina are mainly used, although you can also find ceviches based on sole.

For the chef and ceviche expert, the key to this dish lies in the first steps, as they consider essential dip the fish in salt and then let it rest in the citrus fruits so that the dish takes on flavor: «Although it seems that all ceviches have lemon, it is not like that. Many are made with passion fruit, orange and even grapefruit juice ».

We must also take into account a series of flavorings that will be in charge of giving the ceviche all the flavor: “The flavorings and accompaniments are chilli, coriander, onion, sweet potato or toasted corn, among others.” Apparently, the fish soaked in salt and citrus should rest at least one night and then be able to be consumed tasty and the liquid that in Peru is known as tiger’s milk is generated, in charge of unifying the flavor throughout the dish

It began to be called Tiger milk to the liquid that formed when all the ingredients were on the plate, before and after eating the ceviche. This juice has absorbed the flavors of the ingredients that make up the ceviche and in turn adds flavor to our preparation.

With what to accompany the ceviche

As Miguel Ángel Valdiviezo has already told, ceviche is mainly accompanied with toasted corn, dried corn and cooked sweet potato, mainly. However, and taking into account that this dish is made in many countries, it can also be found with banana chips, beans, green plantain cooked with yucca …


If you are surprised that ceviche can also be made with meat, it is no less surprising to know that one fish does not have the same cut as another. Apparently all ceviches are cut in the shape of small cubes, but chef Miguel Ángel Valdeviezo states that each fish has its own cut, although the tastiest part of all of them is common: the fish loin.

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