The Senate rejects exceptions to the Chain Law and “weakens” the Canarian Banana compared to the banana




Unpleasant surprise in the High camera for Canarian Banana producers. The amendment supported by Coalición Canaria, ASG (Grouping Socialista Gomera), the PP and Citizens in the Commission of Agriculturda so that they were introduced exceptions to bananas within the reform of the Food Chain Law has been settled with an unexpected rejection for the sector in the vote this Wednesday. The Socialists had been the only parliamentary group to explicitly reject this amendment from the start. With the approved wording, banana producers must comply with the prior setting of prices higher than actual costs of production between the agents involved through a written contract, among other provisions. This in the opinion of the Association of Organizations of Producers of Bananas of the Canary Islands (ASPROCAN) will weaken them against competition from banana imports from third countries.

For its president Domingo Martín it is “unheard” what happened this Wednesday in the Senate, as well as the change of position of some of the groups that supported the amendment in the Commission process. In this sense, Martín has pointed out that “if the socialist group has not accepted this amendment it must be because it has contemplated a ‘plan B’“And added that the application of the new Law will oblige them” to unnecessarily destroy between 25% and 30% of production annual”.

In any case, the head of ASPROCAN has pointed out that the association – which brings together the more than 8,000 banana producers in the Canary Islands – is committed to a decent income for this group “Not just for a minimal price” and requires the Ministry of Agriculture to urgently reveal “what its plan is to ensure that the sector does not receive the damage that this law currently implies.” A standard with which they believe they will lose competitiveness and leave “A field open to the importation of bananas from third countries”, as it will force large quantities of fruit to be removed.

Regarding the reform of the Chain Law, Domingo has assured that the sector defends the spirit of the same, which in the particular case of bananas conditions and limits them against their non-EU competitors. In this sense, he has considered “inexplicable” this production of norms that «In actual practice they do not benefit producers»And criticized that supermarkets make room for bananas imported from other countries. Those he has accused of practicing “price policies to destroy the national product” and of benefiting from community rules. «This situation of check out is incomprehensible and we expect not only an explanation but above all action, “he concluded without hiding his disappointment.

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