The six news that you have to know today, Wednesday, October 13



1. Former Minister Serra paid a report against Mario Conde with envelopes of 7 million pesetas. Mario Conde became the public enemy number 1 of the Government of Felipe González. The banker had brilliantly accumulated great economic power and the PSOE were suspicious of his intentions. It was injecting large amounts of money into the media and rumors were reaching the Council of Ministers about the collection of commissions on Banesto operations. At the beginning of 1991, the fear that it would ruin the bank took root, and the Government secretly commissioned the international agency Kroll to investigate Conde, his fortune and his connections: it is the Crillón report, one of the best kept secrets of felipism , a mystery to public opinion, but nothing that escapes the knowledge of the head of Spanish intelligence.

2. The Government declared a state of alarm without the support of the State Bar. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, declared a state of alarm in March 2020 without the support of the State Bar. In a response sent to the Transparency Council, the Ministry of the Presidency reveals that in the file of that decree “there are no reports evacuated by advisory bodies of the Government or by the State Lawyers”. According to La Moncloa, the Executive acted without the guidance of the State legal body because “since they are royal decrees that exceptionally declare a state of alarm”, the procedure for drafting laws provided for in the Government Law is not applicable.

3. Madrid, at the tail of public employment despite concentrating state agencies. Fattening the Administration has been a maxim of Pedro Sánchez’s policies since he governs. It is one of its hallmarks, along with the generation of subsidies, and this was celebrated by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, after the presentation of the public accounts for 2022. However, the Statistics data for that second quarter place the unemployment rate in Spain at 17.36%. Madrid is well below, at 12.78%, the lowest labor force rate together with the Basque Country, which registers 10.42%. It is the regions with the most unemployment that have the most public employees, which shows that unemployment rates would be higher without this employment-generating impulse from the State. Extremadura is one of those cases, with the greatest weight of public employment in Spain and the highest unemployment, with a rate of almost 26%.

4. Teachers and parents denounce the boycott of the Religion class in Catalonia. The Religion subject has been in low hours for years in Catalonia. The number of students taking the subject in public school has fallen dramatically since 2017, from 57,330 students enrolled in the 2017-2018 academic year (17 percent of the total) to 18,581 (3.1 percent) registered in the last year for which data are available (2021-22). This is revealed by the official statistics provided by the Catalan department to ABC and also collected in a recent response from the autonomous administration to the Vox parliamentary group.

5. The bills coming to Congress today: skyrocketing expenses with increased taxes. The Government presents today in the Congress of Deputies the public accounts for 2022, an explosion of unknown spending with which it wants to combat the ravages of Covid. State disbursement will remain at maximum levels despite the fact that the extraordinary aid that was launched during the pandemic will decline. Now spending changes its recipient and is focused on young people, the unemployed and civil servants. And all this with the help of 27,000 million euros from the European recovery plan that have not yet arrived. With these resources, the Government intends to underpin the recovery in 2022, with a 7% growth in the Spanish economy and an increase in employment of 2.7%, which will reduce the unemployment rate to 14.1%, a macroeconomic scenario that yesterday thwarted the International Monetary Fund with its downward forecasts.

6. FIFA has a very advanced system for the automatic detection of offside.. The offside could be signaled “automatically in 2022”, at the Qatar World Cup, Arsene Wenger, FIFA’s director of world football development, dropped this Tuesday, without revealing the modalities of this technological advance. “There are many possibilities that the offside will be automatic in 2022,” said the former Arsenal manager in a meeting with the press on Tuesday in Paris. “I am obliged to keep it secret, but this will be the next big breakthrough in arbitration,” explained the Frenchman.

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