The six news you should know today, Friday, December 4



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1. Madrid already has a 98% reliable saliva test and is waiting for Illa’s approval. The Community of Madrid already has a saliva test that provides a reliability of 98 percent, in the absence of continuing its progression through the regulatory channels to achieve validation for its distribution. This is the conclusion of the clinical trial carried out at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and at Hospital La Paz, which also reflects a sensitivity of 100%. The architects of the test, designed by Madrid researchers from the Carlos III Hospital and funded by the British company Medusa-19, have already transferred the preliminary results of the two pilot tests to the Ministry of Health, in which students, teachers, patients and health personnel; and that leaves the horizon open to lighten the strategy of selling the self-test in pharmacies as an epidemiological control system. In addition, the Community, which supports the “success” of the clinical trial, will formally submit the results to Salvador Illa’s team.

2. Sánchez’s partners start almost 4,000 million in exchange for his “yes.” The Congress yesterday gave the green light to the first accounts of democracy agreed with EH Bildu, heir to the political arm of ETA, and two independent parties involved in a coup against the Constitution, ERC and PDeCAt. The ruling went ahead with 188 votes in favor, against 154 against and no abstention, reflecting the strong polarization in the Lower House. The number of supporters is a success on a numerical level for the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, since he obtains a large absolute majority that far exceeds the narrow simple majority of 167 “yeses” that he obtained on the day of his inauguration. However, this string of support is not free but is worth its weight in gold. And the invoice is collected against the public treasury and the country’s own institutions.

3. Pablo Iglesias joins nationalism to impose co-official languages. On the same day that the Government approved the endorsement by Congress of the General State Budgets (PGE) with the votes of ERC and EH Bildu, Unidas Podemos yesterday signed an initiative in the Lower House to extend the use of co-official languages ​​against «The legal imposition of Castilian». Pablo Iglesias does not lie about this. From the beginning he warned, contrary to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, that his intention was to move systematically towards a “confederal and plurinational republic” in which there is a “right of self-determination” for its “historical nationalities.” It was he who sabotaged within the Council of Ministers a budget agreement with Ciudadanos and it is he who paves the way to consolidate the alliance with the radical leftist independence movement.

4. Banco Sabadell refused to sell its British subsidiary to Santander because the proposal was “too low”. TSB is not a profitable bank. At sight are the 100 million that it has subtracted from the group’s profit since 2015, plus the billion-dollar decrease in value that it has suffered in these years. But this does not mean that Banco Sabadell wants to get rid of its British subsidiary at any cost. The interest of large, medium and small has not been lacking, but all of them have been rejected because the intention of the entity is to ensure that a hypothetical sale generates value for the bank and not a negative trace in its accounts. This is stated by several investment banking sources and the analysts consulted.

5. The judge releases Rafael Amargo and the other three detainees against the prosecutor’s discretion. The judge who is investigating the drug trafficking case in which Rafael Amargo has been implicated has decreed freedom for the dancer and the other three detainees. In the note issued by the office of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid, it is explained that the magistrate has imposed on the four detainees the withdrawal of their passports, the prohibition to leave the national territory and the obligation to attend on the 1st and 15th of each month to the Court. «The four arrested will be investigated for the alleged commission of a crime against public health, in the form of drug trafficking, and another for belonging to a criminal organization; although, this criminal classification is initial and could vary as the corresponding investigation procedures are carried out in the framework of the judicial investigation, “explains the TSJ note.

6. Spain devises the first artificial placenta to save 25,000 premature babies. Every year around 25,000 premature babies are born in Europe considered “extreme”, that is, they leave the mother’s womb after six months of gestation. Or less. Each of these cases represents a real melee battle between medicine, life and death that ends, in most cases, with physical sequelae that the little ones carry for the rest of their lives and that go from autism to cardiorespiratory problems. With the aim of leaving behind the harsh, expensive and invasive treatments currently applied to thousands of neonates, a group of more than 200 Spanish doctors and researchers have come together to develop the first external “artificial placenta” in Europe.

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