The six news you should know today, Monday, December 7



1. The Government of Sánchez, the most optimistic in Europe in its forecasts. Autumn is the season in which the last batch of economic forecasts that organizations and analysis houses usually take place before the end of the year. And, although by 2020 the Executive believes that GDP will fall by -11.2%, by 2021 the deviation with what the senior staff of institutions think, which have already published their forecasts, is the widest in the continent. The Executive expects a 9.8% growth thanks to European funds and this is the official forecast on which all the estimates of income and expenses of the Budgets recently approved by Congress are also based. Against this 9.8%, the IMF predicts 7.2%, the European Commission 5.4% and the OECD predicts 5%, while the Executive itself clarifies that without the effect of the funds, the augury falls at 7.2%. The three organizations believe that Spain will suffer the biggest recession in Europe this year.

2. An investment expert advises Don Juan Carlos to regularize donations. The former Head of State is studying with his team of advisers to regularize before the Treasury the donations and gifts that he has been receiving from businessmen such as the Mexican Allen Sanginés-Krause and that he would have used to pay for personal expenses and that of some of his relatives, both in put your situation in order with the Spanish treasury, and create a stable and transparent structure that allows you to continue receiving these contributions. As reported this Sunday by the newspaper “El País”, that process would have already begun and Don Juan Carlos would have already submitted a request to the Treasury to specifically regularize the funds received from Sanginés-Krause with which he would have paid that battery of expenses using for it cards such as the one issued in the name of his former aide-de-camp for a decade, Air Force Colonel Nicolás Murga.

3. The PP barons congratulate Ayuso for the measures applied in Madrid against the pandemic. The Popular Party turned upside down yesterday in the celebration of the 42 anniversary of the Constitution. All of its autonomous presidents attended the institutional act held in the Congress of Deputies, to demand the full validity of the Magna Carta and denounce those who want to end it, even from within the Government of the Nation. But in addition to the Constitution, yesterday there was talk of the pandemic, on the eve of Christmas. The regional presidents of the PP did not hesitate to praise Isabel Díaz Ayuso for the effectiveness of the measures applied in the Community of Madrid.

4. The United Kingdom is preparing to start vaccinating the population although it fears the shortage of doses. Tuesday in the UK is ‘V-Day’. This is what British Health Minister Matt Hancock called it, who confirmed this weekend that the most important vaccination program in the history of the country, and probably the world, will begin at the same time in the four nations that make up the kingdom. ‘Tuesday is V-Day. We are going to vaccinate across the country, across the UK. There will be people vaccinated in Northern Ireland, people vaccinated in Wales, in Scotland, everywhere in England… I want people to know that this is for everyone equally according to clinical needs. Throughout the country, help is on the way, “he said after confirming that the first 800,000 doses of Pfizer’s vaccine have already arrived.

5. Spain will close the year with 63 million fewer tourists and tourism spending will fall by 70 billion. Tourism has seized this 2020 as it never had. The health crisis is hitting the most important sector of the Spanish economy, which accounts for more than 12% of GDP, and the nearest future remains bleak. The figures are clear. Spainwill lose 63 million international tourists this year. This was confirmed this week by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Fernando Valdés, who expects the arrival of tourists to plummet by 75%. Specifically, there will be 20 million tourists who have visited Spain this year, the lowest figure since the arrival of democracy.

6. The majority of Venezuelans reject Maduro’s electoral farce. The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Indira Alfonso, announced at 1.30 am that, with 83% of the votes counted, the participation percentage was 31%. This revealed the low influx of voters and the general apathy of Venezuelans that was observed throughout the day by some parliamentarians classified as fraudulent by the opposition and the international community. After about six hours of waiting, Alfonzo issued his first bulletin, saying that peace had triumphed. Their figures contrast with the abstention of 81% registered by the Electoral Observatory against Fraud of the opposition.

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