The sixth wave of Covid has killed 180 people in Aragon this summer




Aragon has suffered this summer his sixth wave of Covid, which has claimed the lives of 182 people, according to the official records of the Regional Ministry of Health. Since this new pandemic wave began, at the end of June, some 31,500 infections have been detected.

In these two and a half months of the sixth wave – from June 28 to Sunday, September 5 – the province of Zaragoza has registered 108 deaths from Covid and 21,559 infections, that of Huesca 64 deaths and 6,598 infections, and that of Teruel 10 deaths and 2,970 infections.

Aragon accumulates one more wave of Covid than the whole of Spain, because it was the region in which the outbreaks began

earlier. After the emergence of Covid with its lethal first wave between winter and spring 2020, the region has suffered another five pandemic waves: the one in the summer of 2020, the one in the autumn of 2020, the one that began at Christmas, the regrowth of the spring of this year and the strong wave of infections that started at the end of June, which reached its maximum in the last days of July and whose de-escalation has now reached the bottom.

The peak of this sixth wave occurred in the last days of July, when Aragon registered an incidence of 860 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days. Currently this rate is 199 per 100,000 in the region as a whole.

This is how September started

In the last week, the reduction of infections in the provinces of Zaragoza and Teruel has slowed, and has rebounded slightly in that of Huesca. In the province of Huesca, the weekly accumulated incidence (7 days) has increased in just 72 hours, it has increased from 102 to 115 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In the province of Teruel, the rate in the last seven days has been 95 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. And the province of Zaragoza is the one that registers the lowest incidence, with 77 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the accumulated of the last seven days.

In the last week, from Monday, August 30 to yesterday, Sunday, September 5, 1,159 new infections have been reported throughout Aragon and 3 deaths from Covid. The health zones of Broto and Graus, in the province of Huesca, have registered the highest rates of contagion in Aragon in the last week: 1,200 and 700 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, respectively, according to official data from the Regional Ministry of Health.

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