The Spanish naval sector wins 17 new contracts in 2020 for more than 460 million euros



In the financial year 2020, with the most exceptional context so far, Spanish shipyards have contracted 17 new vessels, for an amount greater than 460 million euros, which contribute 2.7 million hours of work to the sector. And at the end of the third quarter, the order book totaled 51 units, with a value of more than 2,060 million euros, of which more than 90 percent are for export.

These data have been presented this morning during the General Shareholders’ Meeting of PYMAR, a company that integrates the main private shipyards in Spain, which was carried out digitally today. In the closing ceremony, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism participated jointly for the first time. Reyes Maroto, the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, and the President of the Basque Government, Íñigo Urkullu. The CEO, Almudena López del Pozo, thanked them for their presence, which implies the recognition of PYMAR as an irreplaceable instrument of collaboration between the Administrations and the sector.

In his speech, Reyes Maroto highlighted that “the Government’s commitment to the naval industry, which it has accompanied throughout the pandemic with specific aid such as Cesce, IDAE O FIEM». The minister is committed to the development of the Sectorial Agenda as an effective roadmap for the reactivation of the sector. The event was also attended by the Secretary General for Industry, Raül Blanco.

For his part, Alberto Núñez Feijóo has indicated that “the objective is to define a future framework for the sector, being necessary to establish support mechanisms that provide certainty and security to the naval industry. We must seize the opportunity that European reconstruction funds to undertake large-scale projects that guarantee their competitiveness.

For the lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu «The public-private partnership model, with the participation of PYMAR, has proven to be effective. Contracting activity with Basque shipyards has not stopped and the order book has reached 14 vessels, for a total amount of 536 million euros. This is 56% more than a year ago; very good news for the economy, employment and the future of the sector ”.

Almudena López del Pozo has indicated that «Mincotur, the Basque Government, the Xunta de Galicia and the Principality of Asturias, together with other ministries and private shipyards converge in PYMAR. Their active collaboration in the defense of the sector, and the successes obtained have made the organization that I have the honor of representing a good reference in public-private collaboration ”.

Employment and welfare

For the CEO of PYMAR, this photo is possible thanks to all the agents who contribute to making the naval industry “a source of employment and social welfare for this country.” At this point he has reserved an exceptional place for Public administrations. “The support of the Minister of Industry and her team with actions of maximum relevance for the sector, such as the extension of official support for the sector’s export credits and updating of official support for R + D + i actions”. “As it also deserves – he added – the vigilance of the Autonomous Communities which, from their direct proximity to the entire value chain of our industry, make specific instruments available to them that decisively contribute to boosting the competitiveness of companies that make it up ».

Guarantees and endorsements

Likewise, he highlighted the importance of the Naval Guarantees Fund, which since its creation has issued reimbursement guarantees and financing guarantees for the construction of ships, which in recent years have led to a combined turnover of more than 650 million euros. «Also with this fund we have accompanied the Official Credit Institute in operations throughout this complex 2020. The launch of the ICO-COVID guarantee lines has been fundamental for the financing of the shipyards ”.

López del Pozo, who has also had words for Cesce and Navantia, believes that, despite the good data, “our look to the future must be ambitious. Let us stay away from being complacent, let us be apprentices in the sectors that progress the most technologically and that constitute a clear reference for us. Let’s look at the powerful companies that make up the auxiliary industry our partners and not just our suppliers.

The CEO of PYMAR has advocated for “an attractive naval industry for young talent, we bet on training and do our bit so that the incorporation of women into the industry and decision-making positions ceases to be a pending issue, as we continue to advance in the field of digital transformation, innovation and ecological transition ”.

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