The Spanish ‘soldiers’ of the Balkan cartel




In criminal structures there are classes, as in life. Montenegrin Nebujosa Prelevic is at the top of one of those great organizations: the Balkan cartel. When the command of the police operation placed the handcuffs on the house in Tarragona that the narco had rented for a year, Prelevic looked at him and said: “Boss, I’m sorry.” He had just thrown two mobiles into the inner courtyard. The boss, who is not exactly short, had to climb on a chair to be at his height. The person in charge in Spain of one of the most powerful drug cartels in the world knows the rules of the game and knew that he had lost.

Your organization has moved more than ten tons of cocaine in one year, according to the calculation of the Central Narcotics Brigade of the National Police. They and their colleagues from various countries have taken 4,010 kilos from them.

Holding companies

Operation Musala – named after the highest summit in the Balkan Peninsula – has uncovered how criminal alliances work, more and more ‘holding’ companies, and how the ‘minor’ drug (marijuana) is used to finance cocaine shipments. Buying and selling ten tons requires an economic muscle within the reach of few legal or illegal companies. In that alliance led by Serbs, Croats and Montenegrins, the contribution of the Kavac clan stood out, which operates in Eastern Europe and is dedicated to any profitable crime: from drug trafficking, to assassinations, to arms sales. The clan had a representative in Spain: Slavan Petrovic.

He and Prelevic headed their respective organizations in our country -in Gerona and Tarragona- and They surrounded themselves with a diverse group of ‘soldiers’ including a former Valencian footballer, a former local police officer from Llagostera converted with his wife into a narco, another active agent from Sabadell or the owner of a ‘desokupas’ company. Its tentacles extended to Malaga, Madrid and Valencia. The Police have arrested thirteen people in Spain and there are another 48 arrested in half of Europe because Europol came to create a special team to attack them with agents from Germany, Colombia, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.

The first clue is from 2018 when the GEOs boarded a sailboat with 1.4 tons of cocaine. The crew were two Croats and one American. Suspicions focused on the Balkan cartel, but it could not be linked to that shipment. The Central Narcotics Brigade continued investigating and in 2019 detected Prelevic, the Montenegrin, established in Malaga although with frequent trips and appointments in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia. Thus, they found out that another shipment of cocaine was being prepared.

The error

The bosses did not touch drugs and only dedicated themselves to negotiating. In the middle of last year, Prelevic and other members of the group traveled to South America. They were going to transfer 1,350 kilos of narcotic from the Colombian coast to a ship, which was intercepted by US agents. The loss was a serious blow to them but the machinery continued to work without interruption and they forged another shipment.
He left from Brazil and headed for Tarragona.
There Prelevic had rented an apartment; He moved without stopping and they contacted Spaniards and the representative of the Kavac clan, the aforementioned Petrovic.

The latter supervised the marijuana crops, in charge of the Spanish marriage, among others, and moved drugs and money. They had all been activated. The cocaine was about to reach its destination after several complications. In March he was already in a warehouse on the outskirts of Tarragona: 1,250 kilos, which were intervened while around three hundred policemen were deployed and detained those involved in that province, in Barcelona, ​​Gerona and Valencia.

Six million in three months

An essential piece for the organization lived in the province of Valencia: Roberto José C., a soccer exporter, who provided them with secure communications (more than twenty encrypted telephones were tapped at his home) and was also the treasurer. They saw him deliver money during the surveillance and found the proof in his home: the ‘tokens’, fifteen five-euro bills with notations about payments and dates. He delivered six million euros of the cartel in three months, at a rate of 500,000 euros each time. He also kept a kilo of cocaine. They are not all detained, but Musala is still there. Prelevic had obtained a NIE in Spain and Petrovic used a false DNI. Thanks to the almighty tentacles of crime.

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