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Victoria Adams, Geri Halliwell, Melanie Chrisholm, Melanie Brown y Emma Bunton. Who would have told that group of young British women that Spice Girls, in addition to changing their lives, it would mark a before and after in the generation of the nineties and pop culture in general.

And the thing is that “if you wanna be my lover”, the chorus of his ‘Wannabe’, became a hymn from half the world and made them fill stadiums in all corners of the planet for almost a decade. But not only were they a mass phenomenon, the group of five girls also brought about a change in fashion through groundbreaking looks on stage that later the firms reinterpreted to make them accessible to the street.

The Spice Girls marked a before and after in pop culture
The Spice Girls marked a before and after in pop culture – © Gtres

Like everything in this life, the good cannot last forever and in 1998 they decided to separate, not without doing a farewell tour, the ‘Spice World’, which would serve to confirm that they still had a lot to say. Today, 23 years later and with the trends of that time back on the crest of the wave, his message is still present through clothing.

Overnight they became superstars
Overnight they became superstars – © Instagram @ spicegirls / Gtres

Although each one had a very marked role in the group, the one who played the most with their outfits was Victoria. La ‘Spice posh’ He was able to make even the most daring trends his own, a passion for fashion that ended up defining his new professional path, consolidating it as one of the most valued designers on the current scene.

Now his dressing room has nothing to do with the one from beforeThere is no shortage of men’s suits, midi skirts and, in general, quite simple patterns in which simplicity is supplemented by sophisticated fabrics and highly elaborate finishes, where accessories are more important than ever.

In 1998 they ended their stage
In 1998 they ended their stage – © Instagram @spicegirls

However, although little remains of that young singer who wore miniskirts and conquered millions of fans with her serious demeanor, the truth is that there are a number of trends from her time in the Spice Girls that are still very present in your closet as in the fashion collections that she now creates herself.

Of course, in most cases it has little to do with the way he wore them back then, because nowadays discretion It is his hallmark (but the essence is certainly still there). As an image is worth a thousand words, below are some of the most remarkable that still have her in love today.

Their styles were very imitated
His outfits were very imitated – © Instagram @spicegirls

White flared pants

During the nineties they became overnight an essential in the wardrobe of every teenager. The requirements were that they had the rise at the height of the hips and the hem as long as possible. In 2021 Victoria continues without giving up flared pants in a wide range of colors where white is her most recurring option. Of course, high-waisted, with loose heels and blouses; nothing of ‘crop tops’ like yesteryear.

Eye-catching prints

Although black was his favorite color, he also dared with all kinds of psychedelic prints in which striking tones played a key role. Today he is still betting a lot on patterns although he prefers them in black and white and combines them with some powerful color accessory with which to provide an elegant contrast note.

The white patterns and bells, their basic
The white patterns and bells, their basic – © Gtres


And speaking of prints, the leopard and the zebra were the two essentials of the members who wore dresses, suits, accessories and even coats. Now the former Spice continues to wear it on a day-to-day basis, although in small doses, especially through accessories.

Futuristic glasses

In the nineties they were one of its most recurrent accessories where those that had frames of the same color as the crystals predominated, if possible, in pastel colors. The futuristic style with rectangular shapes and large size were other of his favorites that he has not given up even two decades later. However, now he prefers them in black, more versatile and discreet.

To this day he does not renounce the leopard
To this day he does not renounce the leopard – © Gtres

Total look black

His favorite tonality, a sign of identity that over the years has been versioned in all possible ways: oversize suits, minimalist dresses, pencil skirts … Of course, he does not give up playing with textures and fabrics to make it look more refined and flattering.

Black, his favorite color
Black, his favorite color – © Gtres


In her stage in the Spice Girls, lingerie could not be missing from her looks and during the following years she became fond of leaving lace lingerie in view. Nowadays, she usually opts for this trend in a more restrained way: either in details such as the collars or the sleeves of blouses and dresses; or in the form of tops under XXL sweaters.


The tighter and more low-cut it was, the better. Now it is not that he has changed much of his mind regarding this garment, but what he does is combine it in a more balanced way with palazzo or suit pants and minimalist accessories so that it does not look overloaded.

Lace and satin, a winning combination
Lace and satin, winning combination – © Gtres


Satin fabrics and metallic finishes were two of the proposals that were always present in the outfit of some of them, and not in a discreet way. In fact, if you look at the outfits of all the members, you can see that it is still a ‘must’ in their outfits, especially in very bright colors such as yellow, fuchsia, red, purple or orange.

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