The story of «The Secret», the book that revolutionized the world of self-help

In 2006, the world discovered a “secret.” Yes, that “secret”, one that reached all corners of the world and, it seems, changed thousands of lives. “The secret”, the bestseller published by Rhonda ByrneHe became famous so quickly, and was talked about (and talked about) so much that today we could say that he is the Holy Grail of self-help. It has been translated into more than 50 languages ​​and has become the best-selling book of this century.

The book, as well as its sequels – “Power” (2010), “Magic” (2012) and “Hero” (2013) – is based on what its author calls “The Law of Attraction.” Says gratitude, and visualization of what we are looking for they are the keys to making what we want come true. The author explains in her books how to use this “law” to create attraction wherever we seek it.

Now, he publishes “The Biggest Secret” (Harper Collins Ibérica), a book in which he continues his theory and expands on what he already told in 2006. “Discovering who you really are is called in many ways: lighting, self-realization, self-discovery, wake up … (…) open up the possibility of experiencing the truth of who you are, in this instant », urges the author of the book from the first pages. Under the idea that “we are not our body”, and we are not “our mind”, and always with the idea that the final goal that we all have is simply to be happy, throughout the work Rhonda Byrne reels these ideas that they have conquered so many people.

The secret in popular culture

In the last 15 years the book has found a place in the collective imagination and popular culture. That is why references to “The Secret” in movies, series and other books are common. For example, there is a whole chapter of “The Simpsons” dedicated to him. He has been mentioned in “Family Guy”; in the famous American program “Saturday Night Live” has been the center of sketches; Garfunkel and Oates mention it in their song “29/31”; appears in one of the last films of the French Canadian Xavier Dolan; even the references reach Spain, where the book had an appearance in the consolidated one in «La que se avecina». But the scope of the book does not end here. This same year it hit theaters: “The secret. Dare to Dream ”, a film inspired by the bestseller and starring Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas.

What is the secret?

The idea of ​​”The Secret” can be summarized as follows: its author explains that its objective is help everyone achieve health, fortune and happiness. For this reason, in this new book he also tells the stories of some people who have applied what they have and have achieved what they wanted; “Stories of healing, overcoming obstacles and achieving what many would describe as impossible.” As you progress through this book, your life will be happier. Fear and uncertainty will cease to be tormenting, and anxiety and stress will dissolve, “says the author, who claims to be” living proof “that her method works.

The purpose of this, Byrne sums up, is to remember that the simple things are what make us have a good life and get what we want. “Changing our way of thinking we will change our life”, transmit. A forerunner of positive thinking, Rhonda Byrne has achieved, in little more than a decade, a movement of fans who join his secret daily.

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