The students of Castilla y León, once again leaders in Science and Mathematics




Castilla y León once again receives good news in the educational panorama from an international evaluation. On this occasion, the Trends in Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), whose results were known this Tuesday, reveal that the students of the Community are once again leaders in Spain in terms of knowledge of these two subjects, despite having registered a decrease in their score compared to the analysis carried out in 2015.

In the area of Sciences, students have obtained a mark of 535 points, compared to 546 in the previous report, while in Mathematics the goal reached is 528 points, three less than in the previous edition. However, Castilla y León is once again at the top of this report prepared by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Performance (IEA), which allows 64 countries assess your students’ progress in Primary 4 in these two subjects.

In both subjects, the score of regional students -835 out of 52 schools representing 21,540 fourth grade students have participated- has been higher than the average of the OECD and the European Union and they are at the level of countries that are considered leaders in Education as Finland, Sweden or Norway.


In both areas of knowledge, the percentage of students at high levels stands out. Thus, in Science, a 41% of schoolchildren have a high or advanced performance level, compared to 30% in Spain and with results comparable to Ireland. In Mathematics, 38% achieve high or advanced performance, surpassing 27% in Spain and with results similar to Denmark.

In both competitions, Castilla y León has the highest percentage of students with outstanding performance and lower percentage on the bass. In Mathematics, the Community has fewer low-performing schoolchildren than Finland and in Sciences it improves the results of Norway or Lithuania, according to the Ministry of Education in a statement.

The TIMSS 2019 study consists of a cognitive test and context questionnaires completed by the students, their families, their teachers and the management of the participating centers. According to the results obtained, the Community is also the Spanish region in which less affects the economic and cultural level of each student to their performance.

In the field of student coexistence, Castilla y León also received good grades. In fact, it is autonomy with less bullying rate.

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