the success of an innovative format with a 3,000 euro tournament



The pandemic has not stopped some promoters of contact sports from seeking to go one step further to offer the greatest possible spectacle. This is the case of the New Kumite Rules organization, which held an event in Telde (Gran Canaria) on August 28, which brought together the most interesting of the national K-1 scene, as well as some martial arts stars. mixed (MMA). There it was inaugurated a format that “gave a lot of play”, in the words of Néstor Navarro.

The event was held in a 7×7 meter fighting platform and 60 cm in height, measuring down to the smallest detail to safeguard the integrity of the participants, as well as promoting all kinds of measures against Covid-19. From the beginning, the public was fully immersed in the show, enjoying the best fighters on the national scene.

In the preliminary bouts, current Spanish Amateur Muay Thai champion, Joana Nadiolska, beat Nerea Mayor on points, as did Madrid fighter Calmente Méndes against local fighter Jamal Raad. When the professional fights arrived, in the first of the night, between Alexis Martín and the Malaga fighter Hassan «Predator», it was resolved to points in favor of the visiting fighter. For his part, Ismael Betancor imposed a medical arrest on his rival André Fernández, who was injured by a cut on his left eyelid.

The Malaga fighter Yerai Gómez, in his fifth professional fight, faced Borja, a Canarian fighter with a lot of quality and experience. The latter knew how to impose his seniority and took the victory by technical KO. In addition, Damari Olivares defeated Noelia Suárez on points in a very beautiful women’s fight, proving once again that they are up to the big events. On the other hand, Aixay Hernández beat Marco Betancourt in a fight where he found himself very comfortable from the first round.

The next fight faced the Moroccan Omar el Morabet, who came from the hand of Abraham Redondo, against the Madrid-born Nacho Menen, a well-known fighter in the Islands and who imposed his superiority from the beginning of the fight until he won victory. One of the best-known faces of the night, Juanma Suárez, beat Basque Iñaki Orradre using projections typical of MMA and very accurate counter blows.

On the other hand, the amateur world champion and star of the Spanish team, Mohammed Hamdi, faced Alberto Méndez, who after a bad first round, recovered before his fans to put on an impressive show and take home the victory. In addition, in the highlight of the night, the tournament awarded with 3,000 euros, David Ruiz began beating José Manuel Hita and losing his second round against Said Ennayeb, who in turn had been defeated by Mikel Sortino. Due to the possibility of reclosing, it was finally Ennayeb who took the jackpot.

The event, described as “a success” by those present, was promoted by the Insular Sports Institute of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, the Telde City Council through the Department of Physical Activity and Sports and the Canarian Federation of Kickboxing and Muaythai .

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