The technique that will help you achieve your best version

Often the end of the year is the moment chosen by the great majority to create your purpose lists looking forward to the next twelve months. But if you think about it carefully, it doesn’t make much sense to put off until then the things that can really dramatically improve the quality of life. Going to the gym, eating better, quitting smoking, drinking less … The cast of is sometimes so overwhelming that many are overwhelmed just thinking about it. Not to mention that, without a corresponding action plan, it will simply be a mere wish that will probably go nowhere.

But, let’s continue where we were going. Why wait? There is no saying with more reason than the one that says that what can be done today should not be left for tomorrow. And it is that as much as one’s life seems stable, no one assures that within a month it will continue to be so. Floods, erupting volcanoes that destroy everything in their path, global pandemics … It looks like we’re in a sci-fi movie and that is precisely what many are opening their eyes to do what they really want, or at least take charge of the matter to be able to be one day.

In these processes the mind plays a crucial role, becoming your greatest ally. But if you don’t know well how to manage your thoughts, you can also be the worst enemy. Where to start? Here are some tips that do not seek to create a self-help or motivational text, but they do intend to be a small boost -or at least a starting point- for those who have decided that today will be the first day of the rest of your satisfying and full life.

Learn to organize yourself

The most important thing is to start sorting your ideas, and for this there is nothing like a list. But no Excels or notes on the mobile. The most effective is make it with pencil and paper and in your handwriting. Order your priorities from highest to lowest urgency, and from least to most complex, and add in each one a short summary of the steps you should follow. As you cross out tasks, you will realize – if you haven’t already done it – of everything you are achieving.

Develop patience

In this process, we must also learn to be resilient and adapt to all the adversities that may arise, and be patient. This is like with diets, it is already known that miracles do not exist and in a week few changes will be seen. But in the constancy It will be what really makes the difference.

Patience and perseverance, fundamental
Patience and perseverance, fundamental – © Instagram: @ louisnicolasdarbon


Surely you have also heard that meditating has changed the life of a friend or acquaintance on duty. And they are not exaggerating. The benefits of meditation They range from increasing attention to the tasks being carried out to improving the organization, becoming aware of everything that is done and seeing situations from another perspective that helps to improve. Getting started is not easy, but if it helps you, first thing in the morning is the time when the mind is most receptive to receiving stimuli and this type of process is highly beneficial.

Reserve fifteen minutes Before starting up, there will be days when you cannot put your mind blank and others when you can disconnect thirty seconds, but little by little you will notice the difference and not only at mental levels, but in general throughout your life. . If you create an inviting atmosphere, with aromas and relaxing music, the task will be easier.

Surround yourself with positive people

People are a reflection of our circumstances, and that must include companies. If you surround yourself with sad people, you will end up being sad too. As much as it may seem too esoteric, that one attracts what one projects is true, and if you do not believe it, try applying it to your life, you will realize that it works.

Surround yourself with positive people
Surround yourself with positive people – © Instagram: @ moetchandon

Train yourself

Learning something new is always beneficial. It is not about doing another degree or master’s degree, but take advantage of free time with some training activity It is a very productive way to make the most of your hours and find new inspiration for your future projects. In balance is balance.

Lead an active lifestyle

It may sound like a cliché, but exercise will make you look good not only on the outside, but also on the inside, and it will be highly beneficial for your mood thanks to the endorphins that are secreted in the process. You already know,

What conclusion, We would say that in order for you to achieve your best version, you should apply the following tips: take advantage of your hours, be select with your companies, aware of your limits and trust your faculties without losing patience. Everything is in your mind and it is much more powerful than you think.

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