The terrible video of Maradona in bed with his underage lover




“Those people who have dared to question Mavys are going to have to go back over their words and bite their tongue”, who speaks like this is Gaston Marano, lawyer of Mavys alvarez. Until very recently, this woman’s name was not known. However, it is now a claim by the media and the public after confessing that he had a three-year relationship with Diego Armando Maradona. So far everything normal, if it weren’t because when the courtship began she was a minor, I was sixteen years old and he was in his forties.

The hell he has related Mavys it is startling for its hardness. It all started when some friends from The ten They decided to go hunting and find him a girl who would make him forget the mistake he made with another of his lovers. Mavys alvarez she was walking through her hometown, Matanzas, when they approached her. A most surreal conversation ensued. This is how she told it in statements to América Tevé, Channel 41 in Miami: «They were more than an hour convincing me that it was important to help Diego, who was a world figure, a friend of Cuba and that he was depressed. And finally I accepted. Impossible to refuse given the contacts at the highest level that the footballer had on the island. From Fidel Castro down. Saying would not have meant punishment or correction for the young woman and her family.

The video that proves the truth

Some have questioned that the testimony of Mavys were true. However, a video has appeared where the young woman is seen in bed with Diego. One of the most striking things about the recording, her look. Mix of fear and suffering. Then, Mavys He had already started in the world of drugs and was completely dependent on the Argentine idol. She was more unprotected than ever and it is possible that very unpleasant situations happened: “She explained that there are many things that she does not remember due to drug use. He even had hallucinations. I was very young when that happened “, explains the lawyer of Alvarez, Gaston Marano, a ABC.

For some, it is clear that Mavys has told his story for money. However, Gastón clarifies the real reasons for us: «He has a daughter who has turned fifteen and it was there that Mavys mentally relived his own hell. So, he decided to step forward and tell it. With that she could help her daughter and other people who have been or may be in the same situation. Until then, the time Maradona it was an almost dormant memory that came back with force as her daughter’s fifteenth birthday approached. Mavys he understood that he could only exorcise his demons if he verbalized what had happened.

Objective: to remove credibility from the victim

How are you Mavys alvarez After this media bustle that has made it a cover in half the world? His lawyer tells ABC: “He is in Miami with his family. They hold her to keep her calm. I also do what I can », Is there much to tell? The doctor Gaston Marano She explains her client’s decision to us: «She has decided not to talk anymore because she needs to get herself together. I don’t know if later, but certainly not now.

Another of the reasons that have been used as a trigger for the confessions of Mavys is the economic one, on this point his lawyer is blunt: «It is the argument that is always used to reduce the credibility of the victim. Charging for the interviews or not doing it does not take away or put a single comma from what she, unfortunately, lived through. I cannot say if he has made money because I do not deal with that subject. In my opinion, if you have made any financial benefit, that’s fine. Much has happened. That experience changed his life. She thinks that the relationship with Maradona prevented her from continuing to study and that lack of training has forced her to do jobs as a cleaner or caregiver for the elderly ”.

Is it human trafficking?

There is a passage of what is explained by Mavys which can lead to criminal prosecution for human trafficking. Diego was in Cuba and had to go to Argentina. He was very hooked on his girlfriend and wanted her to accompany him. At first, he considered the idea of ​​putting it in a suitcase and thus taking it off the island. In the end, he visited Fidel Castro and obtained an exit permit for his girl. They flew together and had no problem getting into Ezeiza. The most striking thing is that she was a minor and no one asked her anything. His stay in Argentina was not pleasant at all. Diego made her undergo a breast augmentation that was complicated in the postoperative period due to the crazy life of the soccer player. To that we must add that it was heavily guarded so that no one would find out about its presence there. Special emphasis was placed on the fact that Claudia Villafañe, then the athlete’s wife, and her daughters, Dalma and Giannina, did not see her.

The trip to Buenos Aires has caused the NGO Foundation for Peace and Climate Change to file a lawsuit where human trafficking is contemplated. Learned Mavys rodriguez of this, he wanted to appear in the cause. Her lawyer presented a document in which she explains the torment she suffered during the trip: “At the moment we do not know if the case is admissible. It is a surprising matter because it involves officials from the Cuban and Argentine administrations. Now everyone says they didn’t know Mavys, they didn’t know she was here at the time. It’s incredible, even Diego’s secretary claims that he never saw her. Anyway, it’s all surreal because in the videos that have come out, not only do you see Diego Maradona and Mavys, but friends of his also appear. Not to mention the plastic surgeon who operated on a minor with total normality.

Maradona’s B-side

To top it off, and in case anyone intended to continue denying that Mavys rodriguez had traveled to Argentina with Maradona and his surroundings, some documents have appeared that prove the veracity of what was explained by the protagonist: the plane ticket in the name of Mavys, a prescription from the plastic surgeon who did the breast augmentation, the key to the hotel room, a pass to enter La Pradera (the Cuban center where the soccer player was admitted) and a VISA to enter Argentina signed by an official.

The B side of Diego Armando Maradona neither friends nor family want to see her. The daughters of the Argentine star have chosen to wield the flag of economic interest to discredit Mavys Rodríguez. Claudia Villafañe has been called to silence, although she spoke by phone with her husband’s then girlfriend. Passing that call on to Diego cost the young woman a brutal beating, one more of the many she received. It shouldn’t be surprising Olive dew He accused the athlete of hitting her and Claudia charged him with psychological violence. And is that Diego he lost control easily. He acted like a God who could not be denied anything. His narcissistic character was increased with the consumption of drugs and alcohol. His environment knew that the water had to dance to him so as not to be out of the game.

It happened to his manager, Guillermo Coppola, whom he deleted from the list of his affections and withdrew the word because he felt cheated. Il Cappa Bianca told him that he was going to Argentina to visit his parents, who were not in good health. The athlete saw some images of Guille playing a soccer game in Punta del Este and did not speak to him again until the day his father died. Claudia was his right hand after their separation. The relationship was great. However, when he learned that she had a relationship with Jorge Taiana, everything changed. The self-sacrificing mother became the bad, lousy one in history.

When his daughters Dalma and Giannina They supported their mother, Diego struck them down with qualifications of the type “thieves”. In the last years of his life, El Diez was under the baton of Matías Morla, a controversial lawyer who was the owner of many trademarks related to his client. His children fight against him to recover what is their inheritance. They assure that it will be impossible to discover the economic and patrimonial amount of the Argentine star because it is very well hidden. The key to this puzzle is Morla.

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