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The Ministry of Health agreed on the new measures that will accompany the population next Christmas. A maximum number of people at the table, curfew extended on the most important days and a recommendation not to sing at mass are some of the restrictions that must be taken into account when celebrating these dates. The truth is that these Christmases will have nothing to do with those of a year ago, where there were no travel restrictions, there was no mask, friends and family could get together without limit and there was no other concern than having a good time and enjoying this holiday period.

The year 2020 will end with restrictions to prevent the expansion of the coronavirus and will enter 2021 with them, although it is expected that on the horizon they will all relax and that normal life can be returned as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we will have to face this Christmas in a different way. If you look back, What things cannot be done?

Mass meetings and trips

Mass celebrations between people are over. In family gatherings they can only be 10 people maximum, except in the case of people who live in the same address. Therefore, the images of extended families will no longer be seen, but the diners will have to be reduced to the maximum by the restrictions.

Another important point is the curfew imposed by Health on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. You will not be able to leave home from 1.30 am to 6.00 am in most of the communities, although there are exceptions such as Cantabria or Andalusia. In the event that someone circulates on the street, it will always be to return home and “never” to go to other social encounters. In most of the autonomous communities the restrictions on nightlife venues are in force, so this year no party favors are foreseen.

What can continue to be done is the assistance to bars, restaurants and terraces, provided that the capacity and the established sanitary hygiene measures are complied with, as well as the closing hours.

Regarding the shopping malls and shops They will be open to buy Christmas gifts, complying with the capacity and the schedule set by the autonomous communities. In this case, Health also recommends that you plan everything to buy in advance, in order to avoid crowds. Therefore, this year the furthest behind will have to organize themselves better.

Other years it was also common for many families to plan a trip Christmas holidays to other communities in Spain, or abroad. This year it will not be like that, since Health has established restrictions on freedom of movement to other regions from December 23 to January 6. You can only travel to other regions of Spain for justified reasons, such as the return of students to their usual residence, as well as to visit relatives and friends.

Horseback riding, popular races and grapes in Puerta del Sol

We will also have to say this 2020 goodbye to cavalcades of the Magi. Health has recommended that they not be held to avoid crowds of public. In spite of everything, each community will be able to make decisions about these events. Another question that has arisen this year is what will happen to the popular end-of-year races such as the San Silvestre. At first there was talk of doing them, but without public attendance, with staggered starts and distance between the runners. Well, finally, the department of Salvador Illa has recommended that they not be held and that they try to be replaced by virtual events.

The grapes, that complement that is taken as the clock advances before marking the first of January, used to be taken in the Sun Gate, as tradition marks. In recent years there were already restrictions on capacity, but this will be directly abolished. Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida He told Madrilenians not to “go” to Sol to celebrate the new year. «It will be a different Christmas in which we can continue drinking the grapes, but better at home. Regardless of what could be decided, I do recommend to Madrid residents not to attend.

On the other hand, the Health document also prohibits events with large numbers of people. Only celebrations that can guarantee compliance with hygiene and prevention regulations are recommended. In this case and referring to the aforementioned parades, it is recommended that they be static and with controlled access, as well as retransmit the bells and other Christmas events.

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