The third wave of Covid in Aragon has killed more than 600 people in a month




The The third wave of the Covid that shot in Aragon in October has killed more than 600 people to date. And the dramatic list adds up and goes on day after day. Between November 1 and 17, which is when deaths have increased the most, the region accumulates an average of 25 deaths from Covid every day. In round numbers, a lethal rate of one coronavirus death every hour.

Although the escalation of cases began to be observed from the end of September, it was in mid-October – coinciding with the Pilar holiday bridge – when Aragon began to register an explosive increase in infections. Taking October 14 as an initial reference, the balance is devastating until November 17 – the last official data available when preparing this information -: 28,487 infections and 617 deaths.

The greatest escalation in deaths occurred in November, with data that came close to those that occurred during the worst of the pandemic, in spring.

Dince Covid arrived in Aragon at the end of February, this region has officially reported 2,135 deaths from coronavirus in nine months. Of all of them, a third have occurred in the last month and a half, which gives an idea of ​​the dimension of this new wave that is hitting Aragon.

Of the more than 2,000 deaths from coronavirus that Aragon accumulates in the pandemic so far, 74% have occurred in the province of Zaragoza, a percentage that is in line with the demographic weight it has in the whole of Aragon. Specifically, 1,572 deaths from Covid have been officially reported in the province of Zaragoza, 300 in that of Huesca and 279 in that of Teruel.

In the last two weeks, there has been a sharp decrease in the spread of Covid in Aragon. But that improvement in terms of new infections is not yet reflected in hospitals or in the number of deaths, which continue to reflect the effect of the large transmission that occurred previously.

Currently there are more than 900 coronavirus patients admitted to Aragonese hospitals, a hundred of them in intensive care units (ICU), in critical condition.

According to the report published by the Aragonese authorities on Wednesday, October 17, there are 117 Covid patients in ICUs throughout Aragon. Intensive care units are overcrowded. At this time, out of every ten patients admitted to the ICU in Aragon, seven are sick with coronavirus.

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