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It has a special, different personality, unknown until it is planted in Zidane’s office in January and he demanded permission to leave on loan to Arsenal, fed up with his substitution. The truth is Zizou gave him ownership last season from the first moment, in Anoeta, and later in the Betic Villamarín, but the norwegian did not work and the coach had to change him, to trace the match against Betis with Ramos as the protagonist.

You have to be clear. Martin Odegaard didn’t take his chances. He played well against Roma as a midfielder, a match that Nacho decided by provoking a penalty. But the Nordic was diluted later. The winter market arrived and, when everything was planned for Isco’s goodbye, Odegaard entered Zinedine’s office and asked him. requested his loan to Arsenal, where Arteta gave him the position holder. And the midfielder signed at the age of 16 by Real Madrid left for the London team.

This summer he has returned to the bosom of the white team and his non-fighting mentality has placed him back in the trigger. Real Madrid and Ancelotti have told him that he is predestined to take an ever greater role in the eleven, as Modric turns 36 in September. They cannot assure you, however, neither ownership nor a number of matches. It will depend on your performance. And the Norwegian is afraid another pass to the reserve with Casemiro, Modric and Kroos as fixed headlines.

Faced with this unknown, the Nordic doubts whether to stay and fight to win the minutes or have secured ownership in Mikel’s Arsenal Arteta, who insists on calling him back. That is the tirade that goes round in his head. Real Madrid has told him that they are counting on him. But the footballer decides. And the end of his contract, in 2023, is another essential chapter in this situation. He already saw his file extended until that year when he was loaned to Real Sociedad two seasons ago. Now, you have to calmly decide your future. and fight for his position at Real Madrid.

If he wants to go to Arsenal, the Spanish club will consider his transfer or even a transfer for 50 million with the right to buy back. Ancelotti insists that he has him and has explained it to him. The English club has not yet submitted an offer. No one has bid for Odegaard. There is a month of market left and everything is at the expense from Norwegian. The ball is in his boots. Staying and not having a secure position or leaving with the fixed position.

Odegaard stands out in the preseason for his state of form; José Luis San Martín, physical exreparador of the club, specifies the keys that Antonio Pintus applies to get the set-up of the white squad

In the dressing room of Valdebebas they assure that Odegaard plans to stay. He is one of the men highlighted by his state of form in the preseason directed by Antonio Pintus.

Jose Luis San Martin, physical trainer of Real Madrid for four decades, underlines the fundamentals of the work of the Italian, winner with the club in the last two Champions and winner of the Scudetto with Inter three months ago.

“The preseason is the most important time for football players to face the season at a physical level that allows them to face the sixty games between the League, the King’s Cup and the Champions League with the guarantees of optimal physical performance,” he says San Martin. «The physiology of exercise tells us that it is five weeks with“ bicotidian ”training (morning and afternoon). Real Madrid have signed Antonio Pintus, an Italian physical trainer of enormous prestige within the profession who has already worked with Madrid players in the last two Champions League, which means that the Italian school’s method is synonymous with success.

The former of Zidane, Figo, Roberto Carlos and other figures specify the work phases planned by the Italian: «The conditional capacities involved in football are aerobic capacity and power, explosive strength and speed. In the first days Pintus has insisted on aerobic capacity (amount of energy from a metabolic pathway in this case aerobic) with continuous runs of fifteen to thirty minutes without interruption with a low heart rate, 120-130 beats per minute. This is how the “steady state” is achieved (equilibrium state between expenditure of CO2 and O2 consumption). This work is combining it with sessions in the gym of resistance-resistance with overload (weights), no more than 30 kilos, but with wide repetitions, from fifteen to twenty. In this way, muscle function and tendons are adapted for the power and speed work that will come later. Once this phase is completed, the “Aerobic power”, long distances of 600, 800 and 1000 meters with a predetermined time, three, four and five minutes respectively, with breaks that are equivalent to 50 percent of the established load. In this way we will be able to improve the volume per minute (amount of blood that the heart pumps in a minute) and although the heart rate is higher, 160-170 per minute, with this work we will achieve that cardiac recovery is faster in descending to levels that allow the player to repeat intense efforts one after the other with sufficient guarantees of muscle oxygenation.

San Martín indicates that «in the last week all the accumulated work has to be “energized” and that is where power and speed come in. The vertical and horizontal multi-jumps, together with the repetition of short distances, of fifteen meters at maximum speed, will terminate the preseason work.

The club manager predicts that «this season Real Madrid will acquire a high level of physical preparation because at the forefront of this field is a professional who is convinced like many others (in which I include myself) that current football where” high intensity “predominates and we must provide players with a multilateral preparation where the physical demand, the feeding, rest and physical controls ensure not only optimal physical performance but at the same time take care of your health. And with that few jokes ».

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