The US accepts new applications for the family reunification program for minors in Central America


As of Tuesday, the United States accepts new applications for the Central American family reunification program for minors (CAM), which is responsible for reuniting children from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras with their parents who are “from legal manner “in US territory.

“We are proud to announce that the CAM program has been approved. New applications will be accepted starting this Tuesday, September 14. Throughout August, the resettlement support center partners have been trained to support families during the process, “the State Department announced in a statement on Monday.

The resumption and improvement of a first phase of this plan, suspended during the Administration of former President Donald Trump in 2017, was entrusted to the Department of State and National Security in March of this year.

As part of this “phased” approach, cases that were closed when CAM was canceled have continued to be reopened and the eligibility of those who can apply for their children’s access to the US Refugee Admission Program has been expanded.

The reopening of CAM along with the expansion of eligibility are components of US President Joe Biden’s “multi-pronged approach” to address the challenges of irregular migration in Central and North America, the State Department has stressed.

Thus, it has recalled that the eligibility to present a petition will now be extended to include legal guardians, in addition to parents, who are in the United States, in accordance with any of the following qualification categories: legal permanent residence, state of temporary protection, parole, deferred action, deferred forced departure, or withholding of removal.

Additionally, this expansion of eligibility will now include certain parents or legal guardians located in the United States who have a pending asylum application or a pending U visa application – victims of certain crimes – filed before May 15, 2021.

“We are firmly committed to welcoming people with humanity and respect, and to reuniting families. We are fulfilling our promise to promote safe, orderly, and humane migration from Central America through this expansion of legal avenues to seek humanitarian protection in the country, “the department concluded.

Since the resumption of the program, the Government has identified more than 3,000 cases that had been closed when the program with Trump was stopped and has reopened 1,400 of those cases, although none of those children have yet arrived in the United States under the framework of the initiative since then.

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