The US and Guaidó strengthen their ties against Maduro and reinforce sanctions against Venezuela


The Government of the United States and the leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaidó, have reaffirmed their collaboration this Wednesday, reinforcing the measures and sanctions against the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, whom they have accused of being a “drug lord “leading an” illegitimate narco-regime. “

Through a joint statement from the US State Department and the “interim government” of Guaidó, Washington assures that there has been a “degradation” of the Venezuelan institutions and the rule of law due to “the lack of will of the illegitimate regime to Maduro for stopping drug trafficking. “

For this reason, and after holding conversations with governments of the “related” region, the United States and the Venezuelan opposition have presented a plan to, among other things, “stop the transport of drugs through Venezuela, prevent their cultivation and consumption, and combat endemic corruption of the regime “.

The communiqué breaks down a plan of up to nine points, in which both parties agree to continue with the sanctions and restrictive measures against the Maduro government, which they accuse of being responsible for a drug trafficking network, which “not only puts in risk the security of Venezuela, but of the entire region. “

Thus, they have announced that they will continue not only cooperating at the regional level to combat drug trafficking and the crimes that derive from it, such as “human trafficking” or “the forced recruitment of children”, but also issuing more sanctions against “persons key “related to these crimes.

Under the United Nations Convention against Organized Crime, Washington and Guaidó have pledged to continue fighting against all the forms in which this type of crime occurs, especially those in which women and children are most vulnerable.

The text concludes by pointing out that in the face of this string of crimes that would be being committed in Venezuelan territory under the supposed auspices of the Maduro government, there is “the need to strengthen the capacity of the relevant authorities” in order to “improve public security within Venezuela”.

This statement from the State Department is issued days before Venezuela holds parliamentary elections this Sunday, to which Juan Guaidó, assuring that an alleged “electoral fraud” will take place, has preferred not to appear, so it is assumed that he will lose his seat and the Presidency of the National Assembly.

In return, Guaidó is promoting a popular consultation among opponents of the Maduro government, with which he seeks to achieve international legitimacy as the self-proclaimed “president in charge,” after a year in which his leadership at the head of the opposition has been questioned.

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