The US asks Europe for a firm condemnation of Maduro’s electoral farce

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The government of United States condemned the “political farce” that took place on Sunday in Venezuela and he has called on his allies around the world to redouble their efforts to expose and combat the “illegitimate Maduro regime, which systematically murders, tortures and imprisons its opponents.” As promised before the vote, the White House continues to consider the president in charge as the only legitimate interlocutor Juan Guaidó as majority leader in the National Assembly according to the 2015 elections.

Ta and as the head of American diplomacy said this Monday, Mike Pompeo, “The illegitimate Maduro regime in Venezuela organized a political farce that intended to go through legislative elections.” Fortunately, few were deceived. The United States, along with many other democracies around the world, condemns this farce, which failed to meet any minimum criteria of credibility. Maduro shamelessly manipulated these elections in his favor, “added Pompeo.

Washington emphasizes that it is part of a great coalition of democracies and international organizations that consider the Maduro regime illegitimate. As Pompeo maintains, “most of Venezuela’s independent political parties and civil society organizations, and almost 60 countries and organizations around the world, including the US, the European Union, the Organization of American States, the Lima Group and the International Contact Group have rejected these false elections.

According to this senior US official, “before the fraudulent elections, the regime also intensified its harassment of humanitarian workers and threatened urgent food distribution programs.” “Such a brutal and insensitive regime is incapable of holding free and fair elections,” he declared.

Recognition to Juan Guaidó

The US will continue to recognize interim President Guaidó and the National Assembly according to their current composition. The team of Joe Biden, who will assume the presidency on January 20, 2021, has advanced that he will maintain that recognition, although he has not explained in detail what his policy will be to resolve the crisis in Venezuela.

In addition, Pompeo has urged the international community to immediately delegitimize the elections this Sunday, whose legitimacy the former president of the Spanish government has tried to defend Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

“We urge all countries committed to democracy to join us in condemning the December 6 farce and supporting the legitimate National Assembly and the interim president in the future. Neither Maduro nor a new fraudulently elected National Assembly will represent the legitimate voice of the Venezuelan people, who must express themselves through free and fair presidential elections, “added the Secretary of State.

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