The US celebrates that its economic “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran has been “extraordinarily effective”


The United States Government released a statement on Wednesday celebrating that the “maximum pressure” campaign carried out against the Government of Iran “continues to be extraordinarily effective”, since the economy of the Persian nation “faces a currency crisis, rising public debt and rising inflation. “

The State Department text indicates that before carrying out these maneuvers, Iran exported almost 2.5 million barrels of oil a day, and “now it has difficulties to export even a quarter of that volume”, its currency, the The rial “has depreciated to a fifth” against the dollar, while Iranian GDP “has shrunk by around 6 percent for three consecutive years.”

“Since May 2018, we have denied the regime direct access to more than $ 70 billion (€ 59 billion) in oil revenues and will continue to prevent the regime from accessing around $ 50 billion annually (€ 42 billion) “, says the United States.

These sanctions “deprive the regime of the funds that it would use to carry out its evil activities,” said the document, which supports these claims indicating that Iran “reduced its military budget by almost 25 percent in 2019.”

“The regime’s terrorist representatives and partners are demanding cash and have been forced to take austerity measures, including firing some terrorist fighters. The sanctions are part of the pressure to create a new Middle East, uniting the suffering countries. the consequences of Iran’s violence and seek a more peaceful and stable region than before, “he continues.

Washington rules out even easing these sanctions, as this would mean, he assured, that Iran would once again increase its military spending, as it did between 2016 and 2018 when it took advantage of the moratorium given by the members of the nuclear agreement “to increase its defense spending by more. 30 percent. “

“The Iranian people did not benefit from the funds as promised by their leaders; instead, the regime increased funding for the military and for the Basij – the pro-government militias -, a key instrument of internal oppression, while its elites took billions to enrich themselves, “he says.

“The Iranian regime seeks a repetition of the failed experiment that lifted the sanctions and sent them huge amounts of cash in exchange for modest nuclear limitations,” defends Washington, who uses the statement to once again criticize the European powers for that “ridiculous attachment” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo already referred to the 2015 nuclear deal, which the United States abandoned three years later.

“The ‘Maximum Pressure’ campaign is working, sanctions will continue, and the United States will not hesitate to impose painful consequences on those who engage in sanctionable activities,” Washington threatens.

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