The US proposes adjustments in the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan due to the advances of the Taliban


The spokesman for the United States Department of Defense, John Kirby, clarified this Monday that “due to the dynamic situation” in Afghanistan, the troop withdrawal operations “are adjusted” with fluctuations and changes, statements that are produced against the increased violence and the advance of the Taliban in control of districts.

Faced with the attack on the bases and units of the Government of Afghanistan in recent weeks, the Pentagon spokesman wanted to express that “although there is planning on the withdrawal of troops”, this schedule “could fluctuate and change, as conditions change. “

In this sense, Kirby has stressed that “the aspects of the setback that will not change” will be “the withdrawal of all US forces from the country” as well as the “deadline” of September 11 established by the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

However, he explained that they are “working very actively to resolve” support for the Afghan forces when the withdrawal is complete and that “a variety of options are being sought.”

Afghanistan has been plunged into an increase in violence despite the start in September of the peace talks process between the government and the Taliban in the Qatari capital, Doha, and amid the withdrawal of international troops.

Over the past two months, insurgents have taken control of about 20 districts, Afghan authorities have confirmed, raising concerns about the possible lack of capacity of the Afghan security forces to deal with them, which they could use. in their favor in the peace negotiations.

Likewise, several citizens have taken up arms on Monday in Balkh and Baghlan provinces in the north, Badghis in the west and Parwan in the center, as well as officials have indicated that the Taliban have taken the Tajar district, according to Tolonews.

This Friday a meeting is scheduled between Biden and his counterpart from Arganistan, Ashraf Ghani, of which the White House has stressed that they will work on “the lasting partnership between the United States and Afghanistan while the military reduction continues” as well as on the “commitment to ensure that the country never again becomes a safe haven for terrorist groups that pose a threat to the American homeland. “

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