The US sanctions a university and a Pakistani citizen for their relationship with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard


The United States government announced new sanctions on Tuesday against an Iranian official stationed in Yemen, a Pakistani citizen residing in Iran, and against a university for their relationship with the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The United States Department of State has indicated in a statement that those sanctioned are Hasan Irlu, an officer of the Quds Force Corps of the Revolutionary Guard recently sent to Sana’a, Yemen, to serve as a liaison with the Houthi movement, as well as the Al Mustafa International University, a study center with more than 50 international affiliates that provide “a platform for Islamic Guard operations.”

Lastly, Yousef Ali Muraj, who has supported the Quds Force’s recruitment operations in the Middle East and the United States.

The document indicates that the Revolutionary Guard “is the main tool of the Iranian regime to sow chaos and destruction throughout the Middle East,” so they will continue to take measures against it to “disrupt their facilitation networks and cut off resources. who support the activities of the terrorist group. “

In addition, the United States adds that Iran’s support for the Houthis fuels the conflict in Yemen and exacerbates the instability of the country, so by sending Hasan Irlu, Tehran has demonstrated its intention to “further complicate international efforts to achieve a negotiated solution to the conflict “, while it has reiterated its commitment and support to” facilitate a ceasefire and a political agreement. “

Regarding the university, the document states that “the international community should be wary of Iranian influence, espionage and terrorist operations facilitated by the educational infrastructure of the regime.”

According to information provided by the United States, the Revolutionary Guards have recruited Pakistani and Afghan students at Al Mustafa International University to join the Zaynabiyoun Brigade and the Fatemiyoun Division, two militias fighting in Syria.

Finally, Yousef Ali Muraj, a Pakistani national residing in Iran, has been sanctioned for participating in Tehran’s efforts to “coordinate, plan and execute operations in the Middle East and the United States.”

The statement further details that the Iranian Army “seizes every opportunity to advance its violent and destructive program, including by exploiting conflicts throughout the Middle East and coercing vulnerable people to fight on behalf of the regime,” so they will continue to use “all available tools to counteract this behavior.”

Tehran-Washington tensions have risen since the United States withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal in 2018 and rebounded in January after the US military killed Qasem Soleimani, head of the Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force, in a bombing raid in Iraq. .

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