The Valencia College of Nursing advises monitoring the adverse effects of those vaccinated with Janssen




The Official College of Nursing of Valencia (COEV) recommended to people vaccinated against coronavirus with the dose of Janssen to monitor the adverse effects that may appear the days after vaccination and to contact the nearest health services if the effects are persistent.

In this way, the entity adheres to the recommendation made by the Ministry of Health for people receiving the Janssen vaccine from the pharmacist Johnson & Johnson.

In this sense, the Valencia College of Nursing has advised to be attentive to the symptoms in case several days after receiving the Janssen dose you suffer a «persistent headache or bruises outside the injection area. ‘ At that time, the Center for Notification of Suspected Adverse Drug Reactions of the Spanish Pharmacovigilance System for Medicines for Human Use (SEFV-H) must be notified.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) concluded Tuesday that the “benefits of the Janssen vaccine outweigh the risks,” despite finding “a possible link” between the administration of its doses and the development of blood clots or blood clots as rare side effects.

For this reason, the Government of Spain began vaccination with these injections. In fact, this Friday the immunization with Janssen vaccines began in the Valencian Community, with which it is expected immunize about 5,000 people this week.

To avoid complications, the Nursing College of Valencia has recommended monitoring the physical symptoms and requesting health care when one of the cases described by the specialists as serious is suffered.

From the EMA, they are considered severe symptoms muscle pain, redness or swelling of the vaccinated area or other nearby areas, fatigue, headache, chills, fever, and nausea that persist or worsen three days after being vaccinated.

Vaccination with Janssen

The president of the Valencia College of Nursing, Juan Jose Tirado, has advised, “when any of these symptoms appear, go to the health center and explain the signs to health personnel so that notify the Janssen vaccine side effect surveillance system».

If the reaction were mild character, It can also be recorded electronically through the alert center, where an electronic form is sent to report suspected adverse reactions to medications.

For the EMA there are different revelations that allow to warn the ailments after having received the dose of Janssen, such as a special headache It is distinguished from a normal headache because it is sudden, can be located on one side of the head, usually interrupts night’s rest, worsens when lying down or exercising, and progressively worsens. Also, it doesn’t get better with regular pain reliever treatments. In cases where mild symptoms appear, it is not necessary to go to health centers because they fade after a few days.

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