The victims of terrorism leave the Government’s “Coexistence Plan” for agreeing with Bildu




The Navarra Association of Victims of Terrorism (ANVITE) and the Tomás Caballero Foundation rise from the table of the “I Strategic Plan for Coexistence” of the Government of Navarra for agreeing the budgets with eh Bildu and consider that thus, “the minimum requirements for being present at that table do not meet. They add that they participated in the first meeting of October 20 of this year, in which they already expressed their surprise” at their presence in a plan whose drafting did not contain in any of its expressions the word ‘terrorism’, in a work project on coexistence in Navarra “, considering for its part that the existence of the terrorist organization AND, has conditioned freedom and public life in this community, leaving 56 fatalities (according to a study by the Government of Navarra itself), innumerable injured and displaced by their extortion, which is the greatest latent coexistence problem in our society.

Anvite and the Foundation point out that Bildu is heir to Create from People’s Union, in its theories and strategies and by the members that compose it, who are in the provincial and national parliament and do not show any rejection of the violent strategies of the terrorist group ETA, “the assassinations and extortions that attempted against the democratic future” of Spain and that they suffered in their own flesh, in addition to having conditioned the political present. Thus, they affirm, “we cannot consider as valid this form of ‘doing politics’ without renouncing violence” and justifying its use, as we can see through their participation and even organization of tributes and welcomes to confessed murderers after their release from prison. the absolute absence of self-criticism. “” Our memorialist and pedagogical desire collides with the normalization of these actions and we see in them, an injury and humiliation and a serious danger for our future coexistence. “

They affirm that the provincial government has skipped its ‘red lines’ by agreeing with Bildu, “against the promises of President María Chivite during the election period” and they declare themselves “defrauded and deceived by the Executive” because that pact legitimizes the positions of EH Bildu, without a clear renunciation of terrorist violence. “Anvite explained that on November 15 it launched a proposal for a text and common action to the rest of the associations, receiving the support of the Tomás Caballero Foundation,” being both the only representatives of victims of ETA terrorism with a specific scope of action in Navarra. “” We respect other forms of action and value them in each case (…) They wish you success and encourage you to work for the memory of the victims of terrorism, such as They have done so up to now and emphasize that they make the decision out of “deep conviction to persevere in the values ​​and memory of those who were killed, injured, threatened and extorted also in Navarra and Don those who have assumed responsibility for improving our coexistence should take note of “. They add that “they continued working, especially in transmitting to the new generations a truthful account of the history of terrorism in Spain, against any attempt to launder ETA and any terrorism “.

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