The Vizcaya Boards overturn Bildu’s “Covid rate” and the tax cut proposed by the PP




The General Boards of Vizcaya have overturned the proposal of EH Bildu to implement a “Covid rate” to people and companies with greater economic capacity to alleviate the fall in revenue caused by the pandemic. In the same way, the initiative of the PP destined to lower taxes will not have a longer route. PNV and PSE, the groups that support the provincial government and that make up the majority in the Chamber, have considered that the adjustments proposed by the opposition are “Conjunctural”, and have highlighted the importance of engaging in a ‘serious’ debate before undertaking any reform.

The “Covid rate” of the batasunos was aimed at increasing the tax burden on a temporary basis to people and companies with greater economic capacity in taxes on Personal Income (IRPF), Societies, Patrimony and Successions and Donations. In other words, “the richest minority,” said Bildu’s juntera Arantza Urkaregi, who has emphasized the importance of the Regional Treasury having more income to meet “social needs” and to strengthen public services.

The taking into consideration of the proposal has had the abstention of Elkarrekin Podemos and PP and the rejection of PNV and PSE. From the nationalist wing, Jane Eyre has pointed out that “a reflection” on the latest fiscal reforms is pending, as well as a “deep analysis” that incorporates the situation of the productive fabric after the pandemic. Juan Otermin, spokesman for the Socialists, has accused Bildu of pretending “Cover up” a reform on the taxes affected to “give wings to its fiscal model”.

Podemos and PP have not wanted to hinder the consideration of the proposal, although they have recorded their discrepancies with its content. The popular ones, in fact, have presented another motion by means of which it was tried that the Delegation assumed the commitment to lower the taxes on the people, freelancers and companies of Vizcaya before the “harsh reality” that the pandemic leaves. They also urged him to promote tax measures that would favor the liquidity of the self-employed and companies.

The proposal has been rejected by the rest of the groups. The parties that support the provincial government have defended that the measure focuses on “conjunctural elements”, and have called the generalized lowering of taxes a “slogan with little analysis”.

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