The WHO toughens its recommendations and calls for the use of the mask for the entire population




The World Health Organization (WHO) has finally taken the step to recommend the widespread use of masks among the population after several months of reluctance. According to the latest update, this body now recognizes that there is scientific evidence that guarantee that this complement helps prevent infections in areas with high transmission.

Although in Spain the use of masks is generalized since practically the month of May and they are mandatory both on public roads and in closed environments since a decree approved in early June,the WHO had been limiting its use to health personnel and cases of infection by coronavirus.

However, the latest update of its recommendations indicates that the use of masks “is part of the prevention and control measures to limit the transmission of SARS-CoV-2”, which is why it already recommends their use for “the general public” and not just for staff working against the pandemic.

While recognizing that masks are important in limiting transmission, recommends its use both outdoors and indoors when the safety distance cannot be kept. In closed environments, it states that people “must carry them”, unless good ventilation and the required distance can be guaranteed.

Also, ask for the use of masks when a person receive visits at home and cannot guarantee the safety distance and proper ventilation. However, exempts its use when doing sports and advises against valve masks, since the person who carries it can infect others.

The Government of Spain made masks mandatory with Royal Decree-Law 21/2020 of June 9, which imposed the mandatory use of masks on public roads when distance cannot be guaranteed, in outdoor spaces and in closed spaces. for public use or that are open to the public, as well as in transport.

Likewise, the autonomous communities have been expanding this obligation and have extended it to practically all situations for people over six years of age, with the exception of those who suffer from diseases or have a disability that advises against its use, as well as in the practice of sport . The first to extend the mandatory use of masks was Catalonia, which was followed by the rest of the regions.

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